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What is Zenly? Reasons Behind the Shutdown and Alternative App

Zenly is a location-tracking app that was really popular among millennials and Gen Z because it was super easy to use.

Unfortunately, in early 2023, the app had to shut down due to economic reasons. But, no worries, there are plenty of other location tracker apps out there you can use, like the Jagat app.

Let’s check out how Jagat is stepping up as a recommended alternative for Zenly in this article!

What is Zenly?

Have you ever heard of the app Zenly before and what is Zenly app used for? Yup, Zenly is an app that offers a social map that allows its users to share their locations with each other in real time.

Zenly is hugely popular among a lot of young people because it connects the real world with the virtual one, allowing them to enjoy fun virtual experiences. 

That’s why the popularity of Zenly started to rise during the COVID-19 pandemic since many people must stay at home and interact virtually with their friends.

Features on Zenly

One thing that helps boost Zenly’s popularity is the various interesting features users can enjoy enhancing their virtual experience.

So, here are some of Zenly’s highlight features that people loved:

1. Track Friend’s Location in Real-Time

Real-time location tracking was the most popular feature of Zenly through which users can track other’s locations.

With the app, you could track your friends’ current whereabouts who were already connected with you.

So, if you’re into being nosy about your friends’ locations, Zenly could definitely satisfy your curiosity!

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2. Ghost Mode

Do you want to hide your real-time location, so that it can’t be detected by certain people? Zenly’s Ghost Mode is here for that!

You can hide your current location from specific individuals by activating Ghost Mode. Plus, there are a few Ghost Mode options you can use in the Zenly app:

  • Precise location: Your location will be visible in real time.
  • Frozen location: Your location will be visible at the last spot before you activate the Frozen location mode.
  • Blurred location: With this mode, the Zenly app will only show the general area around your location.

3. In-App Message

The In-App message is a Zenly feature that you can use to send text messages to other users. Moreover, this feature also allows you to send photos, stickers, emojis, and even voice messages. 

Reasons Behind Zenly’s Shutdown

The unstable global economic factors hit hard on a lot of tech companies, including Zenly. As a result, starting from February 3, 2023, Zenly had to sadly shut down and say goodbye to its loyal users.

In fact, the company that provided Zenly, Snap, had already laid off 20% of its internal employees before the app was officially closed down.

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Jagat as Zenly’s Alternative App for Location Tracking

Even though the Zenly app has officially shut down, you don’t have to be sad about it. There is Jagat that appears as a Jagat alternative to track location. But, what is Jagat, anyway?

Jagat is an app that provides a social map feature and allows users to see others’ real-time locations. 

In addition, Jagat offers various features like Zenly that will give you an exciting experience while interacting with friends, such as:

  • In-app message
  • Battery percentage indicator
  • Distance between users
  • Moving speed
  • Ghost mode is a feature to hide your location in real time from certain people
  • Emoji bombing, a feature to send notifications with 3D emoticon images
  • NOW, a feature that can be used to upload photos and share daily moments with friends.

Moreover, you can even import your data from Zenly to Jagat easily and conveniently! Yup, just go to the settings menu in the Jagat app > select the Zenly Data Import & Recovery option > upload your Zenly data.

After that, all you gotta do is wait until all your Zenly data is imported and available in the Jagat app. Super convenient, right?

Well, that’s the complete review of what Zenly is and the reasons why Zenly had to shut down that you need to know.

But don’t worry, even though Zenly is officially gone, you can still easily track your friends’ locations using Jagat as Zenly’s alternative!

Just like Zenly, Jagat brings various cool features that you can use to connect the real and virtual worlds through a social map.

Download the app for your smartphone on App Store or Google Play Store right now!

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