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What is Ghost Mode in Function & How to Activate

The Social Map feature in allows users to share their real-time location. However, some might be concerned about privacy. Therefore, the feature also comes with a Ghost mode. So, what is Ghost mode in

Ghost mode is a feature used to disable access for real-time location sharing on the Social Map This is released to give comfort to the users and keep their privacy safe.

Do you want to know more about what Ghost mode in is? Let’s find out the detailed explanation in the following sections!

Social Map to Track a Location

Before we get into the explanation of what Ghost mode in is, let’s talk about the Social Map first. For those who are familiar with Zenly should know how this works.

While Zenly is discontinued, Social Map comes as the life savior that allows users to know someone’s location in real time. 

Other than the location, Social Map also offers additional information, such as

  • Moving speed: You can use this information to indicate your friend’s moving speed while they are on the way.
  • Battery percentage: Yes, you read it right! The Social Map also allows you to see the battery percentage on your friend’s smartphone. Click on their avatar on the Social Map and it will show the percentage.
  • Time Spent: This information would be useful to know how long your friends spent their time in a certain place.
  • Distance: To indicate how far are their position from yours in the real world.

If you are interested to experience all of the features, you need to give full permission for the app to access your location. You can choose the “always allows location access” on your phone setting.

Later, you can see the location of other users in JAGAT around your location through the Social Map tab. Interestingly, you can change this setting by using Ghost mode.

What is Ghost Mode in

The release of Ghost mode further enhanced the Social Map feature on as a tracker app. But, what exactly is Ghost mode in

Ghost mode is a feature in used to hide your real-time location so that it won’t be tracked. Activating this feature would disable your location from others. 

You can use the Ghost mode whenever you want it without any limitations for usage. Interestingly, you can still see others’ locations despite activating the Ghost mode.

For that, many people love the Ghost mode feature as an enhancement to the Social Map.

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How to Activate Ghost Mode in

Activating the Ghost mode is an optional choice for the sake of privacy. It means that you have the freedom either to activate or disable the feature.

In default, the  Ghost mode would be disabled and you can turn it on. So, how to activate Ghost mode in 

1. Go to Account Tab

The first step to activate Ghost mode in is to go to the Account tab. Here, you can access other Menus that manage the setting for the app, such as profile, schedule, privacy, settings, and support.

2. Click on the Privacy Menu

Privacy Menu in

The next step is clicking on the Privacy menu. In this menu, you will see two options which are Ghost mode and Blacklist.

As we’re going to activate the Ghost mode, then you need to choose the Ghost mode to access it further.

3. Activate the Ghost Mode Feature

Ghost Mode Feature in

On this display, you will see a list of your Upals categorized under 2 different sections, which are precise location and frozen location:

  • Precise location: list of Upals who can see your location in real-time.
  • Frozen location: list of Upals who can’t see your location in real-time. 

To activate the Ghost mode feature, click on the snowflake icon located on the right side of the precise location list.

Meanwhile, you can go back to the default setting by clicking the paper plane icon on the right side of the frozen location list.

4. Enjoy the Social Map

Once the Ghost mode has been activated, you can enjoy the Social Map to the fullest without being afraid of getting tracked by others.

Moreover, you can still locate others’ positions in real time and use NOW to update or upload photos.

Itu dia ulasan mengenai apa itu ghost mode di serta cara mengaktifkannya yang dapat kamu ketahui.

Kehadiran social map di dalam memang menguntungkan. Kamu bisa berbagi lokasi terkini dengan orang lain secara mudah dan praktis hanya melalui aplikasi media sosial.

Meski begitu, juga tetap memberikan kenyamanan bagi kamu yang tidak ingin lokasinya terdeteksi secara real-time melalui fitur ghost mode.

Well, this is the end of the explanation about what Ghost mode in is and how to activate the feature. 

The Social Map in indeed brings some benefits for the users. You can share your location in real time in an easy and practical way.

Regardless, privacy is still an important thing to pay attention to. Therefore, released the Ghost mode feature to keep the user’s privacy.

Download the JAGAT app for your smartphone on App Store or Google Play Store now and enjoy other features!

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