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How to Import Zenly Data to Jagat in Simple Ways

Jagat comes as a location-tracker app as a Zenly-alternative. Moreover, you can also import your Zenly data to Jagat in some easy steps. So, how to import Zenly data to Jagat?

If you are a former user of Zenly, you don’t have to worry about losing your data as you can import yours to Jagat easily.

You just need to go to Jagat settings and click on the “Zenly data import & recovery” option.

After that, you will be directed to a form to fill in before importing your Zenly data to Jagat.

Do you want to know the complete tutorial on how to import Zenly data to Jagat? Find out the answer in the next sections!

Jagat, the Best Zenly Alternative as a Location Tracker App

In early 2023, Zenly as one of the most popular location-tracker apps has no option than shutting down its services due to economic factors which made the platform provider unable to maintain its operations.

That decision certainly makes loyal Zenly users sad as they need to stop using the service. 

However, as time goes on, some Zenly alternatives appear to replace and come as another option.

One of the recommended Zenly-alternatives is Jagat app which offers various interesting features, such as the social map that allows its users to track someone’s location in real time.

Similar to Zenly, Jagat works by transmitting a GPS signal from your smartphone to friends who are connected as your contacts on the app.

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Zenly-Like Features in Jagat

Are you a former user of Zenly? Well, Jagat appears as one of the best Zenly alternatives with similar features on the app.

In general, it offers the same thing which is a location-tracking feature. Let’s get into the detail of how Jagat becomes the best Zenly alternative you can have.

1. Share Real-Time Locations

If you have mapping on Zenly, we’ve got you covered with the social map on Jagat. This is the main feature of the app that allows users to share locations in real time.

Moreover, the social map offers enhancement features to know more than just a shared location.

  • Smartphone battery percentage: if you’ve been connected with your friends on Jagat, you can see the remaining battery on your friends’ smartphones by clicking on their profile picture on the social map.
  • Time-spent duration at a certain place: you can see how long someone has been in one place.
  • Moving speed: a helpful feature to let you know when your friend would arrive at a certain place.

2. In-App Message Feature

Do you want a complete package of location-tracker and chatting apps? You can do that on Jagat app.

Jagat also offers its users an in-app message feature that works like a chatting app. The feature allows you to send messages, photos, and even 3D emoji bombs.

If you want to use this feature, click on the message button at the bottom of the screen. After that, click on the contact to message them.

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3. Ghost Mode

Another interesting feature on Jagat that is similar to Zenly is Ghost Mode. If you are familiar with Zenly, you probably know how this works.

Ghost Mode is a feature on the social map Jagat that allows users to hide their real-time locations.

That way, you can decide to share your locations only with certain contacts only. Moreover, the feature is available all the time without a time limit.

How to Import Zenly Data to Jagat App

It’s indeed unfortunate to have Zenly stops its services but do you know that you can import your Zenly data to Jagat? So, how to import Zenly data to Jagat?

The process is fairly simple. You just need to send your request to Jagat’s team, fill in the form, and they will help you import your Zenly data to Jagat.

You can either import your data using through a laptop using a browser or directly upload the data on the app. 

How to Import Zenly Data on PC

Below are the steps on how to import Zenly data to Jagat using a browser on your laptop.

  • Send a data request to Zenly.
  • Download your Zenly data once you receive the file from Zenly.
  • The data will be in .zip format and extract the data to your computer.
  • Unzip (decompress) the file and open the unzipped folder. 
  • Find a folder named “locations”. Please note that you need to acquire the password from Zenly to encrypt the file.
  • Compress the “locations” folder in .zip format. Now, you are ready to upload and import your Zenly data to Jagat.
  • Open the Zenly Data Import & Recovery on Jagat’s website. 
  • Click the “Log in to upload data” button as you need to log in to your Jagat account.
  • Scan the QR code using the Jagat app.
  • Click the “Upload Data” button to upload your .zip file.
  • Click “Upload” 
  • Done. Once the upload is completed, you’ll see the “Restoring” information button.
  • Now, sit tight and wait until your Zenly data is imported to Jagat.

Please note that it’s recommended to use Google Chrome to upload your data. The good news is that you can either upload the whole folder from Zenly or only the “Locations” file in .zip format.

However, if you use other browsers to import your Zenly data to Jagat, you must upload only the “Locations” file in .zip format.

How to Import Zenly Data on the App

Other than using a browser on your laptop, you can directly import your Zenly data to Jagat on the app. Follow the steps below for your instructions:

  • Open the Jagat app on your smartphone
  • Go to Settings
  • Choose the “Zenly Data Import & Recovery” menu
  • Click the “Upload Zip” button
  • Find your “Locations” folder
  • Click the “Upload” button
  • Done

Now that you know how to import Zenly data to Jagat, are you interested in using this location-tracking app?

No need to worry, Jagat is designed to resemble Zenly with some enhancements to improve the user experience.

Even more, Jagat offers interesting features to make your virtual interactions with friends more fun.

So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy sharing your real-time location with friends or family by downloading the app on App Store or Google Play Store!

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