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Location Tracker App: Social Map as Zenly Alternative is known as a social media platform used to interact virtually. Recently, the platform released a new feature called social map? Yep, it will allow user to use as a location tracking app.

Since the feature launch, can track locations in real-time. It bridges between the real and virtual world. As a result, the experience of playing feels more real as it if in a real world. 

So,  how to track someone’s location using Let’s find out in the discussion below!

The Function of Location Tracker App

Location tracking app is software to track and detect other’s locations. To track someone’s location, the app will transmit a GPS signal from the smartphone of its users. 

There is a list of advantages to using a location tracker app, such as It can help find a lost smartphone and detect the location of close relatives.

1. Track a Lost Smartphone

Losing smartphone is indeed a big deal, especially if you are in a public place. It’s definitely will be difficult to find where your smartphone. 

For people who are prone to experience losing their smartphones, now you can be less worried! Location tracker app will be a big help to find a lost smartphone easier. 

If you’ve installed a location tracker app, such as, the device will transmit GPS signals in real-time continuously. 

2. Ensure Family Safety

The next advantage of having a location tracker app is to ensure the safety of your family, especially children. Using this app, you can periodically track your family’s whereabouts for security reasons.

In addition, a location tracker app is also equipped with a chat feature, making it easier for you and your family to share the news with each other.

3. Monitor Friend’s Location

One reason why many young people use a location tracker app is to monitor and know where their friends are in real-time. You can take advantage of this feature to invite friends to hang out somewhere or even ensure safety. 

New Features on as A Location Tracker App

Now that you know the function of the location tracker app, are you interested in using the app? If yes, you can use as an application to track someone’s location. just launched its interesting feature called social map that allows for location tracking. Check out what else can you do with this new feature below!

1. Track Someone Location in Real-time

The main function of the social feature works as a tool to track someone’s location in real-time. You can monitor where and how long someone stays in one place using the social map feature.

Other than tracking a location, you can even check your friend’s battery percentage in the waiting room inside Doesn’t it sound interesting?

Not only track your friend, but the social map feature by also works on your boyfriend or girlfriend. That way, you know where s/he is and keep your relationship close.

2. NOW, Feature to Share Stories

Additional feature on the social map that makes increasingly preferred by the youth is NOW. This feature allows users to share updates about themselves in an interesting way.

A user can share an image every 24 hours. For instance, you uploaded a photo at 9 AM, then you can renew the update the next day at the same hour. 

Not only sharing your story through NOW but also looking at updates from people near your location. It works despite you aren’t connected to them as friends.

3. Find the Nearby Communities

Are you looking for a new Upal (a term to mention people in by joining a new community? You can use social map and explore communities through the Club Nearby menu.

The feature helps you find communities based on your location. So, it will show communities to join near you. It will also be much easier to gather offline with the community without being limited by distance.

You can access the Club Nearby menu in the upper right corner of the social map display with a three-line icon.

4. Ghost Mode

Looking for some privacy? Activate the Ghost Mode, so that people can’t track your location in real-time. In addition to that, the feature also allows you to share an update on NOW without location included. 

How to Track Someone Location Using Social Map has released this interesting feature called social map that allows users to track someone’s location. If you are interested in this feature, update your app now!

Next, you can activate the social map feature on by following these steps:

  1. Give permission to app to locate your smartphone. Select “always allow location access” option so that JAGAT can provide real-time location tracking features. If you just updated the app, this access permission will appear the first time when you click the social map menu in the lower left corner.
  2. After that, you can directly see and track other users’ location around your location.
  3. You just need to zoom in or zoom out on the map to look at the distance and how long your friend stays in one place.
  4. Click the “NOW” button on the bottom part of your screen to share stories.
  5. Now, you can use and explore more on the social map feature

No need to worry about privacy, also protects the access to smartphone location that you provide for the social map feature.

The access is only used for location sharing with friends and people around you. You can even change the permission access whenever you want it via the settings on your smartphone.

So, what are you waiting for? Download JAGAT app for your smartphone on the App Store or Google Play Store now!

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