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[UPDATE] Jagat.io Launched New Features of Social Map

Social Map is the main feature of Jagat.io that makes this social media platform unique as it can be used to track someone’s location.

As such, the feature is continuously improved with new updates to give a better experience for the users when exploring Jagat.io.

There are a list of updates in this release that can further enhance the user’s experience in enjoying the metaverse space and the real world. 

Take a look at the following details about the new updates.

Various New Features of Social Map in Jagat.io

Jagat.io is a metaverse-based social media that bridges the experience in the real world to the virtual space with its Social Map feature. It allows users to know where their friends are and even find new people as well.

Jagat.io team continues to improve Social Map as the main icon of the platform. The aim is no other than gives a better and more enhanced virtual experience while exploring Jagat.io.

Here are a number of additional features for the Social Map that make Jagat.io even more exciting to play.

1. Track Location and Movement Speed in Real Time

The ability to locate someone’s location in real-time is the highlight of Social Map in Jagat.io. In this updates, the function is further improved. 

So, you can see more than just a location but also:

  • Moving speed: this information predicts the allocation time to arrive at a certain location.
  • Duration of staying in one place: you can also identify how long someone stays in one place.
  • Battery percentage: interestingly, the Social Map also allows users to see the battery percentage of their connected friends.

However, no need to worry as that information will not be shared without your permission. You can always change the privacy through the Settings.

Moreover, Jagat.io has a Ghost Mode that once you activate the function, the app won’t share any of your information to others.

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2. Share More Stories on NOW

NOW is a feature on Jagat.io which allows users to share pictures as in other social media. But, do you know that now we can post more than just one story in a day?

The previous version only allows user to post one photo for a day. In this new update, user can share photos on timeline up to 20 posts in a day.

That said, you can have more freedom to share stories and other interesting moments on your day. Not to mention, that you can share your location while posting a story.

3. Radar, Find Friends with Similar Interests Near You

Another additional feature as part of Social Map is Radar. It offers a better experience for virtual interaction in the metaverse-based social media. 

It allows users to find a group of people with similar interests and is in the nearby location. As such, you can use this feature to find a community and meet them in person.

4. Mark Your Favorite Locations in Jagat.io

Want to capture meaningful or fun moments? Well, now you can do in in Jagat.io through the Social Map feature. 

The updates come with a feature that allows you to mark certain places on the app. Moreover, you can add picture on the marked places. 

Doesn’t it sound adorable to capture memories not only with the pictures but also mark the location on your social media.

5. Build a Local Club

Club is a feature in Jagat.io used to build a new community or gather a certain group of people. That said, users can create communities with similar interest here.

The new updates further improved the function through which the user can build a community based on a certain location or known as local club.

In short, local club helps you meet people who have similar interest and are in the same area. So, are you interested to build your own community?

6. Other New Update on Jagat.io to Enjoy

The new updates also improve other elements in Jagat.io, such as language and Upal settings.

Yep, Jagat.io now provides more languages, namely:

  • Japanese (new)
  • Russian (new)
  • Vietnamese (new)
  • English
  • Indonesian
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Thail

Selain itu, Jagat.io menambahkan limit atau batas kontak Upal yang bisa terhubung dengan karaktermu hingga mencapai 2.000 Upal!

Aplikasi media sosial ini bahkan juga mempermudah penggunanya untuk saling terhubung dengan membagikan QR code karakternya.

In addition to that, now you can add your friends (Upal) up to 2,000 Upal. That said, you can have more connections on Jagat.io

This metaverse-based social media even makes it easier for users to connect with each other by sharing their avatar’s QR code. So, you can take advantage of these new features to make lots of new friends in the virtual world.  

Well, that sums up the new updates of Social Map by Jagat.io which can provide a more interesting experience in exploring the virtual world. 

So, ready to start? Update your Jagat.io now on App Store atau Google Play Store now!

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