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How to Track Your Partner’s Location Safely Using Jagat

If you’ve been looking for ideas to keep in touch with your partner’s location and where they’ve been, you come to the right place. Tracking your partner can somehow seem disrespectful but it’s a different story if you are in a long-distance relationship.

You want to know where your partner is and what they are up to. For that, you probably wonder about a good app to help you with this situation – that somehow doesn’t make it annoying for your partner to be tracked.

Jagat is a nice solution as a tracker app that allows you to know other’s locations in an engaging way. So, how does that work? Find out the explanation in the following section.

Why Do You Need a Tracking App?

Frankly speaking, there are two major reasons why you need a tracking app in your relationship. First, to give the news to each other and the other is to spy on your cheating partner. 

1. Give News to Each Other

A tracking app is mostly used by couples to exchange messages with each other in a fun way, especially if they are in a long-distance relationship.

That way, you can directly know where your partner is now without bothering about asking them and waiting for them to reply to your message.

Moreover, a tracking app is also useful in case you lost your phone. It can help identify the location of your phone.

2. Spy on Cheating Partner

Using a tracking app is also a good way to spy on your cheating partner. This is definitely what you need to know where your partner is going.

That way, you can have proof of whether your partner is lying or not by looking at their current location through the app.

Jagat as a Recommended App for Track Partner Location

Tracking your partner can also be done in a new way using Jagat. If you’ve been familiar with Zenly, you probably already know how Jagat works.

Yup, Jagat appears as the replacement of Zenly as it offers similar features which are to track someone’s location. 

It comes with the Social Map feature that allows you to track your partner’s location easily. Moreover, it provides additional information about battery percentage, time-spent duration, and moving speed. Doesn’t it sound perfect?

When it comes to privacy, Jagat ensures that all data is protected and safe. Besides, you can always change the location setting on your phone.

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How to Track Partner Location Using Social Map Jagat

Interested to try using Social Map Jagat for tracking your partner’s location? Below are the steps you can follow. 

1. Create an Account

First, you need to create an account before using the feature. You can easily use your Google or Apple account to register with a single click.

2. Add Your Partner as Upals

Now, that you are set with the account, you need to add your partner’s account as your Upal. There are several ways to add Upals, such as using the contacts on your smartphone, user ID, or QR scan.

Add Your Partner as Upals on

3. Go to Social Map Feature

Once you are connected to your partner as Upal on Jagat, you can track each other’s locations in real time.

The Social Map will show the movement of your partner on the map. To display other information, click on your partner’s profile on the map. 

It will display the real-time moving speed, battery percentage, and time-spent duration.

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4. Activate the Ghost Mode 

If at any time you don’t want your location to be detected in real-time, you can activate the Ghost mode feature.

It allows you to hide your real-time location so that other users can’t track where your location. Well, that sounds beneficial, especially if you want to have some privacy from others.

Interestingly, the Ghost mode feature only deactivates others from tracking your location but not the other way around. It means that you can still track other’s locations.

5. Share Moments Using NOW

The Social Map feature also comes with an interesting feature called NOW. It allows you to share moments like uploading status on your social media.

By that means, you can share your daily life with your partners or friends and see their latest updates on Jagat app.

Using these features, you can enhance a unique and new way of communicating with your partner. You can send interactive emojis that will appear on your partner’s screen. 

So, those are insights about Jagat as a recommendation app to track your partner’s location in real-time. Does that intrigue you to try?

As mentioned above, Jagat comes with interesting features that help you track someone’s location. By that means, it’s not only useful in a relationship but also in your family to track children or others. 

So, don’t bother to wait longer! Download the app on Google Play Store or App Store now!

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