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10 Must-Try Hangout Ideas with Friends on Any Budget

Hanging out with friends is the most convenient way to beat boredom. However, when you run out of hangout ideas, you often end up doing the same activities repeatedly. 

Consequently, hanging out with friends becomes dull and loses its fun factor.

But now you don’t have to worry anymore. Jagat will give you 10 fun hangout ideas with friends for you to try. What are they? Let’s dive into this article till the end! 

Psst, there are also tips to make hanging out with friends more enjoyable.

10 Hangout Ideas You Can Try

Are you bored with the same old hangout ideas? Come closer because we will recommend exciting activities to do with friends. Here they are.

1. Visit an Art Exhibition or Museum

This particular hangout idea is not often considered by many people. Thus, try changing the ambiance by visiting art exhibitions or museums.

Art exhibitions and museums are easily accessible. Usually, the entrance fees for these places are fairly affordable, and some are even free.

Besides being an Instagram-worthy photo spot, visiting an art exhibition or museum doesn’t require a lot of money and can provide new insights.

2. Have a Picnic in the Park

Who says picnics in the park are only meant for families? No, having a picnic in the park can also be delightful hangout ideas with friends!

To have a picnic with friends, all you need to do is find a park that is open to the public and has ample green space.

Next, bring picnic essentials from home, such as mats, fruit baskets, cutlery, snacks, and, of course, garbage bags to maintain cleanliness.

Oh, and don’t forget to check the weather forecast before heading out for a picnic. It could be troublesome if it starts raining suddenly.

3. Karaoke

Karaoke is a perfect hangout idea if you and your friends enjoy singing. Especially if you share the same favorite singer or music genre, karaoke sessions can be a lot of fun.

Before going to karaoke, it’s a good idea to prepare a list of songs that you and your friends want to sing in advance.

This way, when you arrive at the venue, you won’t waste time pondering over song choices. Remember, time is money, and karaoke room rentals have time limits.

When it’s karaoke time, don’t hesitate to give it your all and sing with confidence. If you’re shy, karaoke won’t be as enjoyable.

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4. Watch Movies

Do you and your friends share the same movie genre? Perhaps you’re both fans of Korean dramas? If that’s the case, watching movies together can be a fun hangout idea.

When choosing a movie, opt for a quiet and enclosed space where you can focus on watching without distractions.

To make it even more exciting and create a cinema-like experience, you can watch movies on TV or use a projector.

5. Play Truth or Dare (TOD)

Who isn’t familiar with Truth or Dare? I’m sure most people have played this game at least once in their lifetime.

Although it’s an old game, TOD can still be an enjoyable hangout idea with friends. To play TOD, it’s ideal to have more than 5 people to make the game even more exciting.

You can also use cards with Truth or Dare questions or challenges, so you don’t have to come up with questions or challenges on the spot while playing.

6. Visit the Night Market

Is there a night market in your area? If so, why not go to the night market with your friends?

Night markets are usually held on specific days, such as weekends, or during festivals and special events.

Visiting the night market is a worth-trying hangout idea, as it offers a unique and limited opportunity.

7. Road Trip

Want to experience a hangout with friends away from home? A road trip might just be the solution!

However, planning is key if you want to embark on this hangout idea. Consider aspects such as transportation, supplies, travel routes, and, of course, health.

If you’re interested in planning a road trip with friends, make sure to prepare it.

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8. Volunteering

Looking for unconventional hangout ideas? Joining a volunteer activity might be just what you need! This activity guarantees a multitude of new experiences.

Volunteering involves engaging in activities without any expectation of personal gain. Usually, it’s done for social purposes.

There are various types of volunteer activities you can explore, such as teaching children, environmental cleanups, tree planting, food distribution, or assisting at natural disaster evacuation centers.

9. Going to Arcade

Another hangout idea you can try is playing arcade games, ranging from Pump It Up, Air FX, Maimai, and street basketball.

Arcade games are usually easily found in shopping centers like malls, with varying ticket prices.

Aside from enjoying the gameplay, you can also earn rewards that can be exchanged for various prizes.

10. Go to Photo Booth

To capture memorable moments with friends, trying out a photo booth can be a fun hangout idea.

A photo booth is a great option if you prefer a photo-taking space that prioritizes privacy and offers more affordable prices compared to a professional photo studio.

Moreover, nowadays there are many photo booths that provide interesting features, such as aesthetic filters, beautiful frames, and even the latest funny emojis.

Those are 10 enjoyable hangout ideas for you to try with your friends, ensuring you won’t get bored of repetitive activities.

To add more excitement, utilize the Social Map feature in the Jagat application while hanging out with your friends.

This feature allows you to track your friends’ locations. For instance, if you have a meet-up planned, you can easily track their journey and check if they are on the way or not.

Once they’re on the way, you can also monitor their moving speed and estimate their arrival.

While having fun, you can mark memorable locations and share updates about your hangout activities on NOW, making others feel FOMO (fear of missing out).

Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Don’t hesitate to install the Jagat application from the Google Play Store or App Store now!

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