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What to Do When Bored? 7 Things to Enjoy in for Fun

In a world full of advanced technology, there are various things to do in your leisure time. But, still, sometimes we just run out of ideas and ask “what to do when bored?”. In this article, we’ll suggest you try playing when feeling weary.

In this metaverse-based social media, offers various kinds of virtual activities to help you feel more alive. Not to mention that it gives an interesting experience as if in the real world. 

So, no need to worry about what to do when bored at home as will always be here to keep you as a companion. 

What to Do When Bored in

We all have experienced boredom in our lives and sometimes it just happens as a passing feeling. Still, chances are you’re reading this article because it elevates to be unbearable.

The good news is appears as a social media platform that offers you quite many things to get your happiness back. 

It has almost everything from playing games, virtual dating, hang out, to watching some music performances. Find out the list in the details below:

1. Find a New Friend Through Social Map

Find a New Friend Through Social Map in

In, you are exploring virtual cities using an avatar. Once you’re set, you will be directed to Ibu Kota Nusantara (IKN) and ready to meet many other WarGat there.

There’s a high possibility that you meet new people or even your friends here. Thanks to the Social Map feature, you can see people near your location who also play and even locate where they are in real-time.

Don’t worry about your privacy, the app comes with a Ghost Mode to secrete your real-time location. 

2. Join a Community

Join a Community in

Looking for people with similar interests as you? Well, join a club or even create one on your own in

This is one of the great things to do when bored in as you can find people who share common things and hobbies like yourself.

There are many clubs to find here, such as book enthusiast clubs, music, film, cat lovers, anime, K-Pop fans, foodies, and many more.

You can also share stories about your interest with other users and eventually make friends with them.

Club in also allows you to meet other members offline as you can join a community near your location. As such, would be a big help to find your community around your location.

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3. Hang Out with Friends

Hang Out with Friends in

For those who love spending time with people when feeling bored, is the perfect place to meet new people in a virtual space. 

There are various places to visit on this platform, both outdoors and indoors. You might just take a walk around Plaza Bhinneka, Simpang Bunder, or other places.

In that place, you can chat with random people and casually join the crowd. Looking for a more private room? Visit a cafe at Simpang Bunder where you can talk in private with only a group of people. has designed a feature that only people at the same table can hear and join the conversation.

4. Play Drifting Bottle

Play Drifting Bottle in

The next suggestion on what to do when bored at home is to play Drifting Bottle in This is a spot where you can do three things, send messages through a bottle, read someone’s messages, or collect Acoin.

All you need to do is go to the Drifting Bottle corner and then choose whether to throw release your thoughts (write messages in the bottle) or pick up bottles (to get Acoin or other messages).

If you choose to pick up bottles, you might receive other messages or get Acoin. Another way, if you want to send messages in a bottle, write your thoughts in 100 characters.

There’s no limit to doing this activity. As such, this is also a good place to collect Acoin as many as possible – and if you’re lucky.

5. Watch or Perform Live Music

Watch or Perform Live Music in

Enjoy listening to music or singing on the stage? Whichever you choose, the Live Music space in can be a splendid place to spend time and get rid of your boredom. 

The stage is located at both Plaza Bhinneka and Simpang Bunder. You can come here to watch others’ performances or do your own if the stage is available. 

Well, that might be a chance to showcase your talents without being afraid of feeling embarrassed. In addition to that, you can practice being more confident here as you don’t need to show your real identity.

6. Watch a Movie in a Cinema at Simpang Bunder

Watch a Movie in a Cinema at Simpang Bunder in

Are you a movie enthusiast? Well, also has a virtual cinema where you can enjoy watching a movie in a virtual space. 

This could be a nice thing to do when bored, especially if you don’t have the will to go to a cinema in the real world. 

Although it doesn’t play a full movie, the cinema does present various short movies and is interesting enough to keep you occupied. 

7. Play Mini-Games 

Play Mini-Games in

The last on the list of what to do when bored in is to play some mini-games. We highly recommend this space to keep you feeling energetic as there are various games to enjoy. 

Some games even offer valuable gifts for the winning players, such as Acoin. If you are interested in single-player games, try Ocat, Mahjong Puzzle, or Shooting Machine game. 

But if you want to feel more competitive, try multiple-player games, such as Billiard and Soccer Tablet. Visit Playland or Toy Store at Simpang Bunder to play the games. 

Well, that’s the list of what to do when bored in It turns out that there are many things to explore in this metaverse-based social media.

Not only as a social media platform, but is also a nice choice to have fun entertainment. So, does that intrigue you to play? Download the app on Google Play Store or App Store now!

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