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Exploring What is Metaverse, Virtual Reality in Jagat.io

Do you know what is metaverse? Yep, the metaverse is a virtual space that presents various virtual activities as if in the real world. One example of the recent metaverse game is Jagat.io

Jagat.io is a metaverse-based social media platform in Indonesia that allows its users to interact in the virtual world freely.

Moreover, Jagat.io is also a platform that bridges the real world and virtual space using the Social Map feature. How is that possible?

Find out the answer in the explanation below to fulfill your curiosity.

What is Metaverse?

Metaverse is derived from the words “meta” and “universe”. The meaning of the metaverse is a virtual world that allows users to connect with each other using the internet.

In the metaverse, you can do various things, such as meet new friends, join communities, hold business meetings, and conduct workshops.

So, metaverse refers to a digital concept that gives users a unique experience while surfing the internet.

Introducing Jagat.io, the Metaverse-Based Social Media Platform in Indonesia

The first time the concept of the metaverse is introduced, a number of companies in the technology industry started to develop this virtual reality-based platform.

One platform that carries the metaverse concept is Jagat.io. This is a metaverse-based social media that gains popularity among young people, especially Gen Z in Indonesia.

Jagat.io presents a virtual city called Ibu Kota Nusantara equipped with a number of interesting places as if in the real world, such as cafes, art galleries, Istana Negara, and clothing stores.

You can explore every place inside this immersive virtual world as you wish to feel a pleasant experience in virtual interaction.

Apart from that, WarGat or Jagat users have the freedom to express themselves in this digital environment as they like. 

Why Choosing Jagat.io as a Local Metaverse Game?

As an Indonesia metaverse platform, Jagat.io has a list of reasons why you should play and start exploring this platform. Find out why in the explanation below.

1. Connect the Real World and Virtual Space through Social Map

The first interesting thing about Jagat.io is the fact that it is a metaverse-based social media. It connects the real world with virtual space with the use of immersive technology. 

Jagat.io is further enhanced with the Social Map feature that allows you to know someone’s location in real-time. If you’ve used Zenly then you might be familiar with how the feature works. 

Yep, Social Map functions as a tool to track where and how long your friend stays in a certain place. It even tells you how far are they from your location in a real-world setting. 

But no worries, you can always turn on Ghost Mode if this Social Map feature makes you feel being watched by other users. Activate the Ghost Mode through the Privacy menu.

2. Share Stories Using NOW

Do you want to share stories with other users? Well, that’s also possible in Jagat.io. The platform presents NOW features used to update stories and share photos about your days with others. 

Users can set the privacy of their updates – who can see the picture and whether or not they want to show the location. So, it’s safe and sound fun, right?

3. Create and Join Community

In many cases, the main reason for exploring the metaverse platform is to meet new people and build an online community together. Jagat.io allows its users to grow communities in an easier way through the Club feature.

You can even find communities around your location by activating the Club Nearby feature. As such, you can gather around with people with the same interest both online and offline.

So, it’s a great place to start and join a community. Some common clubs you can find on Jagat.io are K-pop Club, Book Enthusiast, Sports Club, and many more.

4. Design Avatar as You Wish

An interesting thing about Jagat.io is also about its avatar as the user’s visual representation in the virtual world. This avatar is a 3D character used to explore places in Jagat.io.

You can create and design your avatar as you prefer from its hairstyles, facial features, clothes, and even accessories. Everything can be customized based on your desire.

If you are still unsatisfied with the available styles, you can shop for clothes in the Clothing Store.

5. Plan a Meeting or Event Using Schedule Feature

Last but not least, the next thing to enjoy in Jagat.io as a metaverse-based social platform is scheduling an online meeting or event. 

Not only as a means of fun entertainment, but you can also use Jagat.io for working or conducting an online event as an online reminder. 

The platform comes with the Schedule feature that displays a calendar about your meeting or online event schedule. Additionally, you can hold a virtual meeting or online event in Jagat.io inside your personal space. 

Jagat.io provides several personal space templates to choose from based on your needs. For instance, you can use a Meeting Space template to have a virtual office meeting in a formal room. 

So, that’s it about what is metaverse and how Jagat.io is part of this immersive technology. In a nutshell, a metaverse is a digital world concept that allows users to have a virtual interaction in a unique way. 
Interested in directly experiencing the metaverse world? Try exploring Jagat.io by downloading the application through App Store or Google Play Store now!

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