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What is An Influencer in Tips to Get Followers

What is an influencer? It refers to a public figure on social media and has an influence on a group of people or its followers. As such, they need to have a lot of followers to be called an influencer. 

So, how do you become one? Promoting oneself on various social media platforms is one way to be an influencer, including playing

The platform provides a virtual space for influencers to promote themselves by showcasing talents or skills in the available space. 

Are you interested in becoming an influencer in Read the following article to find out how!

What is an Influencer?

A figure of influencer mainly refers to a person with a lot of followers on social media. The word “influencer” itself means give influences to another. 

Therefore, most of their content has the ability to encourage and influence their followers to do something. 

In many cases, an influencer comes from a celebrity, YouTuber, or Blogger with many followers on Instagram or other platforms.

Talking about career, influencer is a promising path. In line with their ability to influence others, many brands hire an influencer to promote their products. 

That is how an influencer can earn money and get a partnership with renowned brands. 

Interesting Ideas to Be an Influencer

If you want to be an influencer, it doesn’t work as you can just become one of them in a night. You need to attract followers and how to do that?

Decide on the topic or theme that you should work with. You need to know the current popular trends and make content about them.

No worries, we’ve listed some ideas or fields that you can try on to be an influencer and get followers on social media.

1. Beauty

The first idea to be an influencer is beauty. This is a wide field that you can try to focus on more a specific thing, such as make-up, fashion, skincare, or diet tips. You can make content with that themes but make sure to provide credible information.

2. Gaming

A gaming community is getting bigger with a lot of followers on social media. That makes gaming a potential idea to try to be an influencer. 

Most of the content made by gaming influencer is a review on new game or tutorial about how to play a certain game. 

Therefore, it’s really important to actually play the game before giving review or tutorial to other people.

3. Horror and Mystery

Many people are interested in horror and mystery as they spike adrenaline and give an exciting feeling. For that reason, you can attract followers by making content with this idea. 

You can tell horror stories based on your experience or other people’s stories. It mostly will talk about haunted places or weird experiences. 

Some influencers with horror and mystery topics that you can look at as references are Nessie Judge, EwingHD, and Jurnal Risa.

4.  Self Development

These days, people become more aware to the importance of mental well-being and positive mindset. This topic would make a huge interest if you can frame it nicely. 

As an example, you can give recommendations on self-development book, share opinions about current mental well-being issues, and tips to live the life in such a positive mindset.

How to Be an Influencer in

Langkah awal yang penting untuk dilakukan influencer adalah mencari pengikut sebanyak-banyaknya.

Nah, hal tersebut bisa kamu lakukan di Yap, yang dimanfaatkan untuk berinteraksi dan mencari teman baru secara virtual akan memperluas koneksi influencer serta menambah pengikut secara signifikan, lho!

Ini dia beberapa rekomendasi kegiatan di untuk menarik pengikut:

1. Hang Out at Simpang Bundar

Exploring, taking a walk on crowded place, such as Simpang Bundar is a good strategy to meet new people. Many users visit this place just to hang out with friends. 

You can join the crowd, say hi to them, and talk about yourself as well as your content on social media.

2. Create a Public Space

Other than interacting with other users in a popular place, you can try creating a public space in The platform will display your space on Discover Page if it is set to public.

You can design and decorate the space as you like to match the event that you are trying to show. 

For example, you are a beauty influencer and you can create a space with shelves to put in make-up products.

3. Live Streaming

The most important feature in to help an influencer is a Live Streaming feature. It can help an influencer to stream content and attract audiences. 

For instance, if you are a gaming influencer and have live streaming while playing a game, you can give tips and trick on how to play the game well.

Additionally, a beauty influencer can also try this feature for product reviews or make a tutorial on make-up.

4. Promote Your Account Through Live Music Space

Do you want to perform your talent in a public area in Try Live Music Space which is a stage to perform anything.

The stage is equipped with a microphone and speaker. You can find this stage in both Plaza Bhinneka and Simpang Bundar which is a hot place to visit on

You might want to perform a song or do a stand-up comedy to gain attention from people walking around in this place. 

If you want to be an influencer, is one platform that can help you achieve that dream. It allows you to do the basic things an influencer needs to do, such as promotion. 

Download the app on  App Store or Google Play Store to immediately explore how can be a great place to boost your influencer career!

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