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8 Benefits of Using as a Virtual Meeting Platform

Virtual meeting is a meeting conducted in an online platform. There are many options available to have a meeting virtually, one of which is is a metaverse-based social media that allows users to have various virtual interactions, such as online meetings.

So, what can you expect to have a virtual meeting on Find out the answer in the article below!

What is a Virtual Meeting?

Have you ever heard what is a virtual meeting? This is a technology that allows the internet user to conduct meetings or gatherings online.

Thanks to the advancement of technology, meetings can even be done without being limited by time and distance. Overall, it’s similar to the meeting you’d have in the real world. 

Each participant can present, share opinions, and have a discussion on the online platform. Other than for business matters, virtual meetings are also common for an online community

That way, an online community can conduct online events, such as virtual concerts or online gatherings.

Benefits of Having a Virtual Meeting in

Do you know that there are plenty of benefits you can expect by having a virtual meeting in Find out the answer below!

1. Share Screen Feature

The most important feature of a virtual meeting is the share screen. That allows the participant to share their screen with other participants in the meeting. also allows users to do such a thing for a presentation or explain something visually on the virtual platform. 

2. Conduct Meeting Like in The Real World

As a metaverse-based social media, goes beyond just a virtual meeting platform. You can have the meeting as if in the real world.

In, the virtual meeting is held in a space which is a room used by WarGat to gather and have a virtual interaction.

The space is even designed specifically for a meeting with some related decorations and furniture. That makes the Meeting Space look like an office.

For that reason, it even enhances the experience of having a virtual meeting but seems like in the real world. 

3. Interactive Platform

As a social media that allows for virtual meetings, supports interactive and engaging meetings. The reason lies in the use of avatars.

On this platform, you can make your avatar perform certain actions, such as clapping, waving hands, dancing, and laying down.

Moreover, the meeting participant can activate their microphone and camera to interact with other users in virtual meetings. 

That way, the participants can feel as if the meeting is conducted offline but with an engaging virtual interaction.

4. Accessible 

Looking for a virtual meeting platform that doesn’t require you to open your laptop? is a way to go to have an online meeting through a smartphone.

Yap, is available on smartphones and can be downloaded on App Store and Google Play Store. Wouldn’t that be more practical to have a meeting on your hand?

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5. Save Time and Budget

As it is conducted online, having a virtual meeting on would definitely save your time and budget to mobilize.

You don’t need to spend money or even experience some traffic jams to go to the meeting venue.

6. Boundless

Another reason why you should conduct a virtual meeting on is the fact that it’s boundless. 

Despite the location of every participant, you can still gather them in one place and have a fun online interaction with them on

7. Flexible

As a metaverse-based social media that can be used for a virtual meeting, comes with various features to enhance your meetings. 

You can decide whether to have them in a formal or informal vibe. If you choose to have a formal meeting, will direct you to an office-like space suitable for workshops or business meetings.

Meanwhile, if you choose the latter, the meeting will be conducted in your personal space. This would be a perfect choice for virtual community gatherings or hanging out with friends.

8. Feature to Schedule Meetings on the Platform

Last but not least, the benefit of having a virtual meeting on is the feature to schedule a meeting on the platform easily.

You can set your meetings and plan them. Later, the list will be shown on your calendar as your upcoming agenda. 

Go to your Account tab which you can find in the lower right corner to schedule a meeting on

In the end, a virtual meeting is a discussion conducted on an online platform. For that, as a metaverse-based social media is the perfect choice for virtual meetings.

Now that you know the benefits of having a virtual interaction on, are you interested to plan a meeting on this platform?

What else do you doubt? Download JAGAT and have a virtual meeting in the metaverse world now! You can download the app on Google Play Store or App Store.

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