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8 Temple Trip Etiquette While Traveling, Know Before You Go!

Temple trip is one of the popular choices for holiday ideas, especially for families or students. In general, the temple is open to everyone. Not only beautiful, but it also has a calm and soothing vibe.

However, there are some temple etiquette tips that you need to know to make your visit to this religious place more memorable.

Following some basic manners and appropriate behaviors while in a temple is a sign of respect to the local people as well as to the place itself. 

So, what do you need to do if you plan for a temple trip? Let’s check out the tips below!

Temple Trip Tips to Make Your Visit More Enjoyable

In the list below, there are some temple etiquette tips you should keep in mind when visiting a temple and make your trip enjoyable.

1. Dress Modestly

You might have been somewhere else, like the beach before going for a temple trip. However, you need to change your clothing that covers your legs and arms.

It’s common etiquette to dress appropriately when visiting a religious place, including a temple. For women, never wear low-cut tops. As for men, they need to wear long pants with a shirt that covers the shoulders.

2. Remove Your Hat

The next temple trip etiquette is removing your hat before entering the temple. This is part of common courtesy when going into a person’s home. 

Some temples also require you to take off your shoes outside. Others might ask you to wear socks and, thus, it’s a good idea to bring extra socks in your bag.

3. Avoid Touching

Avoid or never touch the statues as a sign of respect. Touching them is particularly ill-mannered. In addition, this is also a way to prevent any damage to the temple. 

If you are traveling with kids, take a moment before entering the temple to remind them to behave properly.

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4. Keep Your Voice Low

As mentioned before, the temple is also a religious place, meaning that other people may be praying whether you see it or not. 

Therefore, it’s the proper manner during a temple trip to keep your voice low. You don’t have to be total silence but give respect to others by talking quietly.

5. Put Your Phone on Silent

Similar to the previous temple etiquette, turning all electronic devices is intended to respect others who may be praying at the temple. 

In addition, putting your phone on silent aims to not interrupt the zen vibes. Therefore, make sure you have your phone on silent before entering a temple.

6. Don’t Take Photos Without Permission

Taking photos in a tourist destination is indeed normal as you want to capture the moments in a photograph. However, in temple etiquette, you can’t just take photos without permission.

If you do take a photo after getting permission, don’t forget to leave a contribution for the temple.

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7. Avoid Eating in the Temple

A temple isn’t the same as other tourist destinations. This is a religious place and some proper behaviors need to be performed to respect the monks or others.

As such, avoid eating in the temple as monks are not allowed to eat after noon.

8. Leave a Donation

Some temples accept donations from the visitors and if they do, leave a little for them. It’s good manners to leave something, a dollar or less is totally fine.

Well, those are a number of etiquettes for temple trips that you need to know before actually heading out there.

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