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Enjoying the Fun of Talking with Strangers in

In the era where everything can be done online, you can also have a talk with strangers on a digital platform. Talking with strangers is indeed risky but as long as you can keep safe contact (not sharing personal identity randomly), it can bring a benefit as well. A digital platform you can use to meet new people is is a metaverse-based social media where you can meet new people and talk with strangers there. There are many things to enjoy on this platform at any time and as long as you wish.

So, what are the tips to find people to talk to on Find out the answer in the following article!

Tips to Meet New Friends to Talk to on

There are times when we just randomly want to talk with strangers. A partner to chat about everything and share the rose, throne, and bud about the day. The point is that they don’t know about our identity which could better give unbiased suggestions.

Sharing stories is a natural phenomenon for human beings who need others as companions. These days, it can be accomplished at any time and even with a person miles away from our place. 

For that reason, could be a great place to start looking for new friends online. It is a social media site where you can have a unique virtual experience, including talking with strangers online. 

Truth be told, it’s not that easy to meet new friends and eventually have a talk with them on an online platform. But, no worries, below we’ve listed tips to follow to help you find someone to talk to. 

1. Visit Simpang Bundar

Simpang Bundar is one of the most popular places in Here, you can enjoy some live music performances and sit on the park bench.

Visit Simpang Bunder to meet new friends, have a talk with strangers, or just take an afternoon walk. If you are lucky, you might find someone here to have a fun chat with.

2. Join Public Space

Another way to find a stranger to talk with is by joining a public space. This is a room designed for the users to gather, have a chat, and even conduct an event.

That is why public space is a potential place to meet new people and chat with them. You can find recommendations for public spaces on the Discover Page menu or Explore which can be found in the Zero Point Monument at Plaza Bhinneka.

3. Join Club

Other than space, you can try to join a club which is a group of people who have similar interests. That said, users in can build a community using this feature. 

Along with the same interest, it would be much easier to start a conversation with the members of the club and eventually find a person to talk with.

Moreover, some people even created a club as a place to talk with strangers or just share stories about the day. 

To join a club, you can ask for an invitation code from the owner or use the Club Nearby feature to find ones near your location.

4. Hang out at Cafe offers many interesting virtual places to visit, one of which is a cafe that you can find in the Simpang Bunder. 

A cafe is a great place to meet new people and talk with strangers there. You can just casually join the conversation if they are fine with that. 

Just start a conversation with a simple chat, such as how they are doing, their hobbies, or even a classic weather talk. 

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Why is a Great Place to Talk with Strangers?

There are some reasons why is an interesting place to meet new people, find friends, and talk with strangers. What are they? Find out in the following details.

1. Stay Anonymous

Talking with strangers online has its own charm compared to talking with our close friends. That’s because our identity remains anonymous, especially in

The platform uses an avatar as the visual representation. The users can design the avatar as they wish even without actually resembling themselves. 

As such, a user can comfortably meet a random person and have a talk with them about an anonymous identity.

2. Anytime and Anywhere is a metaverse-based social media that definitely allows you to access the platform anytime and anywhere. 

You can play and explore the app without being limited by time and space. As a metaverse, it even goes beyond just an online platform, especially with the Social Map feature. 

All you need is a smartphone and a good internet connection to start exploring the virtual cities in

After that, you can visit the virtual places on and try to find new friends to talk to.

3. Meet New Friends

Having a talk with strangers isn’t only about finding a person to share stories with but also about meeting new friends. If you enjoy the time together, it might be a good fit for each others. also comes with an In-App message feature that allows you to stay connected with someone. As such, adding them as a friend would let you keep in touch with someone.

You can continue enjoying time together and doing some online activities together in, such as playing games, hanging out at a cafe, or listening to music.

4. Fun Entertainment

As a social media, is also a good place for fun entertainment. The platform doesn’t only facilitate online interaction but also fun activities to enjoy alone or together with other users. 

You can listen to a podcast or watch a music performance to enlighten your feelings. Additionally, some online games are also available to express your feelings.

Having a talk with strangers online might be quite difficult and awkward for some people. However, can help you overcome those problems and find someone to talk to.

It would be an interesting virtual experience for you and is worth a try. So, what are you waiting for? Download the app on App Store or Google Play Store now!

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