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A social media platform is an online place to share stories with people or meet new friends. 

These days, there are many social media platforms you can find, including is more than just a chatting app, it is a metaverse-based social media that offers a unique experience for virtual interaction. 

It uses an avatar as the user’s representation and they can hang out as if in the real world.

Moreover, has a lot of features that allow you to express creativity and talents. Let’s find out more about this app in the information below! as a Fun Social Media Platform

The common definition for a social media platform refers to a place to interact, share, and grow networking in a virtual space.

In Indonesia, there are many social media to choose from as a platform for social networking, discussion forum, media sharing, social audio networks, or live streaming.

For that reason, is a one-for-all place to have those experiences. Additionally, this platform also makes a great place to hone creativity and talent.

Topping it off, you can also enjoy some virtual spaces with various functionalities, such as a game space, karaoke, meeting space, cinema, and many more. 

What Makes a Unique Social Media Platform? goes beyond just a social networking platform but also other exciting features for a unique virtual experience. Find out what makes unique below.

1. Virtual Cities

Virtual Cities in

In, you can experience the virtual version of Ibu Kota Nusantara of Indonesia. Also known as Plaza Bhinneka by WarGat, this place becomes a popular spot to visit. 

There are many virtual activities you can do here, such as playing Drifting Bottle to meet new friends and visit some places (Zero Point Monument, Clothing Store, a cinema, an art gallery, the Sociolla store, Noice Podcast space, and Istana Kepresidenan).

So, whenever you feel bored, try to explore Plaza Bhinneka and see how it will lighten up your mood.

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2. Exciting Features to Enjoy is more than just a place to have a leisure walk in a virtual space. It also offers some activities to perk up your day while exploring

a. Social Map

Social Map in

Recently, released a new feature called Social Map. The feature makes appears as a location tracker app as it can track someone in real time.

If you are connected to other Upals, you can locate their location, the distance from your location, and even their battery percentage.

Does that mean we will always be tracked by other users? Worry not, you can turn on the Ghost Mode feature to keep your location private.

Activating this feature and setting your location in a “Frozen Location”, anyone wouldn’t be able to see or track your location anymore.

b. Space

space in

Unlike other social media platforms, presents a space where WarGat can freely interact in a certain place.

The users can have an event in the space, such as live streaming, meeting, karaoke, or just chatting with friends.

The owner can decide whether to open the space in public or private. Public means anyone can join while only people with the password can join a private space.

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c. Game

Game in

Hanging out with friends can be more exciting by playing some mini-games on There are plenty of games to enjoy on this platform, such as Soccer Tablet, Ocat, Billiard, and Shooting Machine.

d. NOW Feature

NOW Feature in

Similar to other social media platforms, also has a feature that allows users to share stories. Meet NOW feature that enables you to upload photos.

You can share anything on this feature, such as your outfit or current activities. You don’t need to be friends to see others’ NOW and you can give a reaction to their NOW.

Various Activities to Do in

To further enhance your experience in exploring, try the following activities to get rid of your boredom.

1. Meet New People

While exploring, you will definitely meet other WarGat doing some virtual interaction, such as hanging out or watching a music performance.

For that, rather than just walking along, you might as well talk to new people. You can just casually join the crowd and make conversation with them.

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2. Practice Your Public Speaking Skill

Is a place to have fun only? Well, no! There are features that help you practice your creativity and skill, especially public speaking.

You can try to practice public speaking skills in the Public Space and Livestream Space. If you want to have a casual talk or discussion in a group, you might need to join a public space.

Else, if you want to try a bigger audience. Use the live streaming space and you might perform something there, such as stand-up comedy or even sing a song.

3. Conduct a Virtual Meeting

During the pandemic situation, working from home (WFH) became a trend. For that reason, you can use as a virtual meeting platform for an engaging meeting.

On this platform, you can conduct a virtual meeting as if in the real world. Using the space feature, you can set them to private, and only certain people can join.

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4. Have Fun and Hang Out with Other WarGat

Do you currently have a long-distance relationship with your partner? Are you also looking for a fun way for the next virtual date?

If yes, then you might need to explore to have fun together with your partner. There are many places to visit and activities to enjoy here.

For example, you can have a date in an art gallery, gaming space, a cinema for a movie date, or have a leisurely virtual walk together.

5. Develop and Showcase Talents

If you look for an interesting platform to perform and showcase your talents, can be a good place to try. There is a live streaming space for you here.

Try to have a scheduled performance in that space. That way, you might attract others’ attention and eventually be famous on

Well, that sums up our information about as a social media platform with a metaverse concept. 

Unlike others, would definitely elevate your experience in using social media.

Download the app on App Store or Google Play Store to experience some fun virtual interactions and activities as if in the real world!

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