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5 Tips for Improving Public Speaking Skills in is really a one-for-all place to do almost anything, including practicing public speaking skills. It’s not only a good place to meet new people but also to improve your soft skills. 

But, how does that work? allows users to have an avatar as their virtual representation and act as if in the real world.

In other words, interacting with strangers on wouldn’t be as nervous as in the real world because you don’t need to show your face. 

If you are interested to know how to practice public speaking on Read the explanation below!

Why Public Speaking is Important?

Public speaking becomes an important skill to have, either in applying for a job or other matters. So, what would you get by practicing public speaking on

1. Boost Your Confidence

The first benefit of good public speaking is boosting your confidence. It would be much easier to communicate your ideas or say your opinion in front of many people.

Besides, others would look at you as a person with value and integrity. This skill would also increase your chance to have a better career in the future.

2. Practice Your Leadership

Leadership is an important trait that not everyone can perform. It becomes a value that will always be in demand even in the future. 

There’s a strong link that connects public speaking and leadership. Together they will help boost your career. 

Leadership definitely requires effective communication and the ability to speak confidently in public. Therefore, improving your public speaking will also develop your leadership trait.

3. Easier to Make Connections or Friends

The next benefit of improving public speaking skills is to help you make better connections and friends. Well, we can’t deny how we love to talk with someone that can carry on a nice conversation, right?

You can try to practice that skill while exploring There are many people to talk to on this platform and it takes a little courage to say hi to them and then have a talk.

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How to Practice Public Speaking in

As a metaverse-based social media, gives a unique virtual experience through its avatar. Users can interact with others using more than just text or images but also 3D avatars.

They can explore the virtual space and visit the popular spaces as if in the real world. As such, you can enjoy taking a walk without actually going out.

However, meeting or talking to strangers is something difficult to do even on a virtual platform. Therefore, you need to improve your public speaking skill to talk to new people or even join a discussion in the space.

So, to better help you enjoy, below are some tips on improving your public speaking skills. Check this out!

1. Talk to other WarGat

A simple thing to do in improving your public speaking skill in is to say hi to others. It sounds easy but takes courage to actually do that, especially if you have difficulties meeting new people.

No need to worry about people judging you. In anyone can express anything they like and act as they wish.

It’s allowed to naturally join a group of people and casually join the talk. Some popular places to visit in are Simpang Bunder and Plaza Bhinneka.

In addition, you can use ‘action’ features to move your avatar with a certain act, such as saying hi, dancing, or even laying down. 

Action features in

2. Join a Community

Another interesting way to practice public speaking in is by joining an online community where people with similar interests gather. 

So, have you tried joining a club on You can join any club as long as it suits your interest through an invitation code or explore through the Nearby Club feature.

For example, if you want to practice your English speaking skill before IELTS, try to look for a club that offers friends to practice with. 

In another way, a user can make their own club in and gather people who also have the same preferences. Doesn’t it sound exciting? 

Online club in

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3. Hang Out 

Hanging out in a certain spot in is also a good way to practice your public speaking skill. It leads you to have a conversation with a smaller group. 

So, where we can find this kind of place in There are popular corners you can visit in, especially if you come to Simpang Bunder or Plaze Bhinneka. 

Some of them are parks, camping tents, a cinema, Personalia, or a coffee shop where people hang out with friends or their community.

Camping in
Coffee shop in

4. Showcase Talents on Live Stream Stage

The main thing about public speaking is the courage to talk in public and in front of many people. So, you need to control your mind to stay calm when everyone starts looking at you.

There’s one way to have that moment in which is a Live Stream stage. In this corner, you can perform a talent, such as singing or playing some music.

It would also be a great chance to show your talents rather than keep them alone. Besides, it’s your avatar that people will look at, so you don’t need to show your real identity.

Gambar: Live Music.jpg

5. Join a Discussion in Space is also a nice place to have a virtual discussion with online friends. You can have a meeting space and set them in private or public.

It would be a good place to practice your public speaking skill by having a discussion. Try to express what’s on your mind and speak calmly.

Many users use this space to talk about various topics, from the most random ones to exciting talk. 

It might be a simple question-and-answer session but would be helpful enough to improve your public speaking. 

Join a Discussion in

Now we reach the end of the article and hope this guide helps you further improve your public speaking skills. In short, public speaking is something that needs courage and consistent practice. 

So, don’t hesitate to start even with a small step ahead, such as talking with strangers in It would be a good kickstart to have better communication skills.

So, download on App Store or Google Play Store to practice your skill!

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