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5 Online Game Recommendations in for Fun

Playing online games is a popular activity you can do while exploring There are several options to play, especially if you feel bored.

Not only a great option to relieve stress but playing online games on could be a good way to find new friends online and collect Acoins.

Later, you can use Acoins to buy some clothes at the Clothing Store or furniture for your space. Without further ado, let’s check out our free online game recommendations in below!

5 Online Games to Have Fun in

As a metaverse-based social media. also provides fun online games for the user to enjoy, especially when they look for something engaging online.

Let’s find out what games can you play on this platform!

1. Soccer Tablet

Playland is a virtual place in where you can find many online games. One of the popular games is Soccer Tablet. This looks like a football game but is only played by two players. 

Just like the rule in other football games, the players compete to score the most goals and the player who managed to make a higher score will win the game.

soccer tablet in
soccer tablet in

However, the player doesn’t have direct control of the ball. They need to use the tablet to direct the ball. Therefore, it’s called Soccer Tablet. 

To play this game, you need to use Funcoin which is a coin in used to play some games in Playland. Each user will automatically have an amount of Funcoin but later you need to buy them to keep playing games.

How to buy Funcoin? You can top-up your Diamond to buy Funcoin. The purchase can be done using a Google Play account and you can use an online wallet, such as DANA, Shopeepay, Gopay, DOKU, bank account, debit or credit card, and go to Alfamart/Indomaret for the payment. 

2. Shooting Machine

The next online game to play on is Shooting Machine that you can also find at Playland.

The goal is to score points by shooting a basketball through the hoop as many as possible in the given time. 

The same like Soccer Tablet, the game also uses Funcoin. So, make sure that you have enough Funcoin to play the game!

shooting machine in
Shooting machine in

3. Ocat

Looking for tips in collecting free coins in Ocat is an online game to play to get free coins. Moreover, you don’t need to spend Funcoin in this game.

Ocat in
ocat in

The rule is simple. The player needs to choose three boxes with the same picture to dissolve them. 

If the box is full and there isn’t any picture left to choose from, it means you lose the game. 

Ocat might sound simple but it’s actually quite challenging as you need to strategize how to finish the game. The higher the level, the more difficult the game is.

4. Billiard

The online game recommendation is Billiard. Many of you might be familiar with this game as it’s quite common to play with friends.

It works the same as common billiards. The game is done by both players taking turns to hit the ball using a stick and score a point. Those with higher points will be the winner.

Not only that it needs good concentration but also a good strategy to win the game.   

Billiard in

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5. Drifting Bottle 

The last online game to play in is a drifting bottle that works so simply. You just need to go near the river, then it will show two options to choose from.

You can choose whether to throw or pick a bottle. The first one allows you to write a message, put it in the bottle, and throw it at the river. 

Drifting bottle in

The message can be anything like your random thoughts, some dad jokes, or even a greeting to find an online friend. Other users might find your message later.

If you choose the latter, it will pick a bottle from the river through which you might get others’ messages or even free coins.

Fun and Popular Places in

Other than a collection of fun and free online games, is a metaverse-based social media after all. That said, you can have fun hanging out in virtual cities here!

Looking for a reference for virtual places to visit on Check out the list here!

1. Simpang Bunder

Simpang Bunder is one of the most popular places in where many WarGat gather and hang out together. 

There are some fun places to visit here, such as the coffee shop, furniture shop, toy store, stage for a street show, and even a cinema.

If you want to look for online friends in this place, you can casually join the crowd and have a convo with them.  

Coffee shop in

2. Plaza Bhinneka

The next place to visit in is Plaza Bhinneka which is also a hot place to meet new people. Mostly, WarGat would just hang out or take a walk in this place.

Plaza Bhinneka in

3. Istana Negara and Istana Bogor

In, you can also visit some popular buildings in Indonesia, such as Istana Negara and Istana Bogor. In this place, you can explore the place as if in the real world.

You might, as well, find some new online friends by taking a walk around the place.

Istana negara in
Istana Bogor in

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4. Personalia

The next fun space to visit is Personalia which is also a nice place to have an online date with your partner.

Personalia looks like an art gallery in which you can enjoy some art collections by Tromarama. This is also a great place to meet new friends who are also interested in arts.  

Personalia in

5. Playland

You might have heard about this place as mentioned above. Yup, Playland is a perfect place to play some online games on

You can enjoy the games alone or with friends as some games are available for single and multiplayer. 

Playland in

6. Zero Point Monument

Zero Monument Point is a spot located at Plaza Bhinneka where you can explore some recommendations for clubs or communities. 

There are various spaces to join, such as gaming, karaoke, and many more. Not only that you can join a space but also make your own and invite others to come.

Personal space in

Well, this is the end of the online games recommendation that you can play in Have you played one or perhaps two of them?

Download the app now and enjoy playing some games with friends or by yourself on Find the app on Google Play Store or AppStore!

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