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Discover and Join Various Online Community in

These days, along with the development of technology, finding an online community is no longer difficult. Only with a simple search and a single click, we’ll be served with a list of groups. 

Moreover, since the pandemic of Covid-19, many people build an online community on various platforms, one of which is

The platform provides a chat room and many virtual spaces to explore, discover, and meet new friends or even communities. Additionally, just released a new feature Social Map that allows the user to locate someone’s location in real-time.

Still unfamiliar with how to play Read the following article to discover how to find out an online community in!

Why Join an Online Community in

What to expect in joining an online community in Below, we’ve listed some things you can expect and enjoy while discovering and joining a community in a virtual space.

1. Expand Networking in Online space

Joining a club or community means meeting new people who have the same interest. That is definitely the main benefit when you join a community.

There is even a chance that people will help you grow and open new opportunities in the future. 

That is why you need to be open and actively participate to get close to others as well as expand your networking.

2. Practice Your Social Skill Online

For some people, interacting and socializing with others is a difficult thing to do due to one or two reasons. 

It’s inevitable that talking to strangers or new people can make someone feels nervous or even overwhelmed.

If you want to improve on that communication skill, you might want to consider exploring as you don’t need to meet people in person. 

You can choose whether to interact with text or voices. As time goes on and you get more comfortable, you may try activating a camera and interacting with a video.

3. Build and Explore Hobbies

The next benefit of joining an online community is to develop and enhance your hobbies. You meet new people with the same interest and likings which might give you some suggestions.

That said, you can share stories and have a discussion on what to try or improve from the experienced ones. As a result, you can further improve your hobby itself.

4. Find New Ideas

Have you ever found yourself stuck when trying to find ideas? Well, you might need a new vibe or atmosphere to refresh your mind. 

An online community can be one way to find that idea or inspiration. In a community, you meet new people with the same interest but a different way of thinking and experiences. 

Interacting with them will lead you to new perspectives, ideas, and even knowledge that you haven’t expected before. 

5. Showcase Talents

Not only as a space to practice communication skills, the online community in is also a great place to showcase your talents. For example, you love playing musical instruments and singing. 

In order to show your talents, you can use Live Music space to perform and eventually find people that might be interested in the same field as you.

If you do it regularly and consistently, there’s many possibilities that people will start recognizing and appreciating your talents. 

How to Find Online Communities in

There are some popular places in to explore where you can find people with the same interest gather. Below are some hot places to visit where you can find an online community in!

1. Join Live Music

If you often take a walk at Plaza Bhinneka or Simpang Bunder, you might be familiar with the Live Music Space. It is a stage where someone can show off their talents. 

Most people will perform on this stage, such as karaoke, singing, playing an instrument, and many more. If you are a music enthusiast, this place is a must-to-go in which you may get a new friend here.

Live Music in

2. Join Space in Discover Page 

Another way to find an online community in is by joining a public space through the Discover Page menu. This is where you can explore recommended spaces with various topics. 

It’s mostly about casual talk and chilling but you can also find a particular interest, such as gaming club, karaoke, and even dating space

Just go through this page and try to find a space that interests you. You can also join a private space only if the owner shares the invitation code.  

Join Space in Discover Page in
Join Space in Discover Page in

4. Hangout at Taman Simpang Bunder

The other hot place apart from Plaza Bhinneka is Simpang Bunder. It is basically a place to hang out with friends or just leisurely take a walk and meet new people.

You can just say hi and talk to random people. If the talk goes on, you may ask what’s their hobby and expect if they have the same interest as you.

The more people with similar interests, the greater the opportunity to build your own community and gather them in one club.

Taman Simpang Bunder in

5. Find a Nearby Club

Social Map, a new feature by also functions as a way to find an online community in It further enhances and bridges the real world and the virtual space. 

The feature allows users to track someone’s location in real time. In addition, Social Map also gives recommendations of nearby clubs based on your current location.

So, if you try to find a community near your location, this is a good feature to try on! Joining a community that is close to your place allows you to easily meet them in the real world as well.

Nearby Club in

That sums up the tips on how to find an online community in The explanation above shows there are many ways to find one as long as you will explore

So, what are you waiting for? Download the app for your smartphone on Google Play Store or App Store and invite your friends to have fun together in!

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