Jagat as a platform for LDR couple
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Jagat.io as an Exciting Online Dating App for LDR Couple

LDR stands for Long Distance Relationship which somehow reflects that it’s quite challenging for a couple. Both boyfriend and girlfriend should know how to keep the relationship fun and exciting despite the long distance. As such, you can try exploring Jagat.io together.

Jagat.io is a social media platform used to interact with others in the virtual world in a unique way. In short, the platform consists of virtual cities with places to enjoy as in the real world, such as an art gallery and cafe.

WarGat can use these virtual to have an online date or hang out with friends. That way, you can build engagement in a more fun way. 

So, if you are currently in LDR, exploring Jagat.io as a place to date is a great choice. Let’s find out how to do that!

What is LDR?

In accordance with its abbreviation, LDR means a relationship parted by long distance, either between cities or even countries. 

Usually, LDR is the only way when a couple needs to go to different places for education, work, or even because they are from different areas and meet through an online platform.

Many say that LDR is quite challenging as they need to find interesting ways to keep in touch. As such, the couple can still be in harmony although rarely meet in person. 

These days, LDR might no longer be as difficult because technology keeps growing. There are a variety of interesting virtual activities to enjoy together, such as Jagat.io.

Jagat.io as an Online Dating App for LDR Couple

Exploring Jagat.io would allow you to experience various things, not only share news through messages or call but also online date. 

There are various exciting things to do as a couple as if you have a date in the real world, such as hanging out or listening to a song or podcast together. 

So, if you are an LDR couple, you can try playing Jagat.io to have a new way of online dating without being limited to distance and time.

Things to Do for Online Dating in Jagat.io

What exactly to do with your partner in Jagat.io when in an LDR? There is a list of exciting things to enjoy from an art gallery date, wearing matching couple clothes, to tracking your partner’s location in real-time. Check the detail below!

1. Art Gallery Date

A popular place in Jagat.io for online dating, especially for an LDR couple is the Art Gallery. This place allows you to enjoy artworks exhibition by other users. 

If you enjoy appreciating art, visiting the Art Gallery with your partner would be a good option for online dating. This Art Gallery is located in the left corner of Plaza Bhinneka or right below City Hall.

2. Enjoy Virtual Concert

Rekomendasi aktivitas di Jagat.io yang dapat dilakukan oleh pasangan LDR adalah menonton konser virtual bersama.

Biasanya, ada beberapa WarGat yang menggunakan panggung di Jagat.io untuk melakukan live streaming dan menyanyikan lagu-lagu hits.

The next thing to do for online dating on Jagat.io is to enjoy a virtual concert together. Usually, some WarGat perform on the stage to do live streaming and sing some popular songs.

So, you can listen to other WarGat performing their talents as if enjoying a virtual concert. Not only watching but reacting is also possible in Jagat.io. You can clap or dance along with the performer while enjoying the concert. 

3. Wear Matching Couple Clothes

Having a couple thing is quite a must for some people in a relationship. But it’s quite difficult for LDR couples as they’re not in the same place. 

Worry not, wearing matching couple clothes is now possible in Jagat.io for people in LDR, This kind of activity will somehow maintain harmonious relationships because it feels more romantic.

There are lots of clothes available in the store to have matching clothes for the avatars, free and paid versions. But don’t worry as Acoin can be found quite easily. 

You can collect coins by exploring all places in Jagat.io or do drifting bottles.

4. Drifting Bottle Bersama

Drifting a bottle is a unique thing to do in Jagat.io which is done by throwing or looking for a bottle containing a piece of paper in a river.

You can write down your hopes with your partner on a piece of paper to put inside a bottle and throw into the river. It can be just a random message too. 

Many believe that writing wishes can make your dream come true faster. However, you can do this just to have fun with your partner in the virtual world.

In addition, you can gain coins by picking up bottles from the river. The coin is known as Acoin which is the name of the currency in Jagat.io. You can buy furniture or shop for clothes with these coins. 

5. Track Your Partner’s Location

Apart from doing virtual activities, Jagat.io also has a feature to track your partner’s location in real-time.

Recently, Jagat.io released a new feature called Social Map that can track someone’s location. It can be an app to monitor the location and distance between you and your partner in the real world. 

Together with Social Map, the feature also comes with NOW which lets you notify your partner by sharing a story or a photo. 

You can update your story by uploading selfies or photos around using “NOW” feature once within 24 hours.

That is a list of things to do with your LDR partner in Jagat.io to keep the relationship fun and exciting. The key to go through LDR is good communication and Jagat.io could be one way to do that.

You can have fun dating online with your partner in Jagat.io while maintaining harmony despite a long distance. 

So, what else to wait? Invite your partner to explore Jagat.io and download the app on  App Store or Google Play Store now!

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