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How to Schedule Meeting in in A Practical Way

If you are a member of an online community and plan to have a virtual meeting, can be a nice platform to choose. This metaverse-based social media comes with a feature that allows users to schedule a meeting easily. So, how to schedule a meeting on

How to make a schedule for an online meeting in is quite easy. Firstly, create an account and, then, get into the Schedule menu on the Account tab.

Are you curious about how to schedule a meeting on Read the following article until the end and find out the tips.

Why Should You Conduct a Meeting on

As a metaverse-based social media, allows its users to have various and unique virtual interactions, including online meetings on the platform.

Yap, some features enable you to easily plan, schedule, and hold virtual meetings for business matters or online community events.

So, what exactly is the benefit for you to make a virtual meeting in

1. Special Space for Meetings

The first reason why you should have a virtual meeting in is that you can use a space dedicated to meetings. 

Space itself is a term in used to describe a room where WarGat gathers for an event or just have a discussion together.

Using this space would enhance your online meeting experience as if in the real world. The space will be set in private, so only specific people can join.

That way, you don’t need to worry about unproductive meetings as every member can still perform based on their own roles.

2. Engaging and Interactive Virtual Room

Having a virtual meeting in would let you conduct a meaningful meeting practically but still engaging for everyone.

Thanks to the metaverse concept, you will be represented by a 3D avatar for the meeting. You can perform some actions with your avatar, such as clapping, dancing, and waving hands.

That is why your virtual meeting wouldn’t be boring. Instead, it will be more interactive and engaging enough.

3. Share Screen Feature

A feature to share your laptop screen is definitely a must in an online meeting. Worry no more, also enables the user to do this. 

It allows you to show your screen to other participants in the meeting. That way, it will help you during a presentation or if you need to explain something visually.

4. More Structured

Looking for an online meeting platform with a more structured agenda? is what you’ve been looking for.

Not only that it enables users to have a virtual meeting but also makes the schedule in advance. That way, you can schedule more than one meeting and look at them through the calendar.

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How to Schedule a Meeting in

Now that you know why makes a good platform for virtual meetings, you might be curious about how to schedule a meeting in

Rest assured as we also cover you on that matter by following these simple steps. But first, get yourself ready with a smartphone.

1. Enter to Account Tab

Account Tab in

The first step on how to schedule a meeting in is entering your Account tab. You can find this menu in the lower right corner of the screen which is symbolized by your avatar icon.

2. Click on Schedule

Schedule on

Next, you need to go to the Schedule menu with a calendar icon that you can see on the Account page. 

You will see a calendar or list of days in a month along with small notes that can be set for  online meeting schedules at

On that calendar display, there is a plus icon (+) in the lower right corner. Click the icon to schedule your meeting.

4. Decide on the Type of Events 

After that, you will see two meeting options that you need to decide between New Event and New Formal Meeting.

  • New Event: if you choose this option, you will be directed to your personal space. This is a good option if you want to conduct an online event with your community or have a gathering with others.
  • New Formal Meeting: it refers to a formal meeting, such as a business matter or a workshop. If you choose this option, you will be directed to a special space designed for a formal meeting. It looks like an office room.

5. Set the Meeting Title and Date

Set the Meeting Title and Date in

After deciding on the types of events that you will have, the next step is setting the meeting title and time. This is where you give a detailed schedule.

If you choose to have a New Formal Meeting, you can also set the space private. As such, only those with the password can enter.

Once everything is set, you can click the Confirm button to finish and create the schedule.

6. Review the Schedule on Calendar

Review the Schedule on Calendar in

Lastly, you might only need to review the scheduled meeting through the calendar on the Schedule menu and ensure every detail is correct.

If you want to join the meeting, go to the Join Space button that can be accessed on your calendar.

Those are some tips on how to schedule a meeting in that you can try for your next virtual meeting. It’s fairly easy, right?

Using would further enhance the virtual meeting experience for yourself and your team as well. 

If you are interested to try, download the app for your smartphone on  App Store and Google Play Store now!

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