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7 Easy Tips on How to Make New Friends in

So, how to make new friends in These days, finding new friends can be done easier as everything is available online. as a metaverse-based social media opens the possibility to grow networking in a virtual space as well as finding new friends. 

Not to mention, the avatar 3D as the representation on the app gives an interesting and unique experience in exploring

That said, could be a great place to find your community. Follow the tips on how to make new friends on below!

How to Make New Friends in

In, you can find various recommended spaces to hang out and find new friends. Explore the following tips to get as many friends as possible and enjoy the fun together.  

1. Find New Friends on Social Map

Social Map is a new feature in that allows users to know where other users’ locations are in real time. In addition to that, you can also see how long someone stays in a certain place. 

But, no worries, you can always restrict access by activating a Ghost Mode feature. It will block other users from seeing your location. 

However, if you want to find a friend based on your location, this is a great feature to try in

social map in

2. Join Live Music

Do you enjoy music? If yes, joining live music would be a nice experience to try on You can find a mini stage located at Simpang Bunder and Plaza Bhinneka.

Usually, many people gather around the stage where someone would perform, either singing music, video streaming, or showcasing talents. 

While enjoying the fun, you can talk to anyone there. That would be a great chance to find a new friend.

live music in

3. Hang Out at Simpang Bunder

The next tip on how to make new friends in is to visit Simpang Bunder. This is a popular place where many people gather to hang out or take a walk.

It’s always normal in to just randomly join in a crowd and say hi to them. They mostly welcome everyone who wants to join the chat. 

As such, there is a great chance to find a new friend by talking to strangers. Sometimes, they just talk about casual things, such as daily life or jokes.

Hang Out at Simpang Bunder in

4. Take a Walk at Plaza Bhinneka

Similar to Simpang Bunder, you can also try exploring Plaza Bhinneka to meet new people while having a leisure walk.

In this place, most people would have a chat and just gather in a crowd to watch live music or discuss something.

Take a Walk at Plaza Bhinneka in

5. Play Drifting Bottle

Looking for an anti-mainstream way to make new friends in Try playing Drifting Bottle which is a spot to throw a bottle and collect coins as well.

You can find a Drifting Bottle space in both Plaza Bhinneka and Simpang Bunder. There are two options to play Drifting Bottle.

First, release a bottle which means you send a message through a bottle and later might be found by other users. Second, if you choose to pick up there is a possibility that you might get other messages or coins.

Play Drifting Bottle in
Play Drifting Bottle in

6. Join a Club

Looking for friends who have similar interests or hobbies? Well, you might need a friend from a community or club. There are various kinds of clubs you can find on

Some clubs are made simply to meet new friends or for hobbies, such as gaming, live streaming, and karaoke. You can join a club by asking for an invitation code or find ones around your location using the Nearby Club feature.

club recommendations in
club recommendations in

7. Send Messages Through In-App Message

Last but not least tip on how to make new friends in is using the In-App Message feature. It allows you to send private messages to friends. 

So, once you find someone to talk to, you can continue the convo in this feature. As such you can keep in touch with them.

In-app message feature in

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Tips to Talk to Strangers in

Now that you know how to make friends in, you’re all set to explore Yet, starting a convo with strangers is sometimes difficult for some people. Rest assured, we also get you covered here!

1. Start with a Simple Topic

Looking for a topic to start a conversation with strangers? Don’t overthink that too much. You can just start with a simple and interesting topic.

For example, casually ask them what are they doing or offer a companion to explore Most users in are welcome to strangers. 

As such, you can always join the crowd and naturally have a convo with them.   

2. Show Enthusiast Response is indeed an online platform where we can actually give natural and expressive responses while talking. However, this platform provides some online automatic responses or uses emojis.

It’s simple indeed, but that kind of response shows your friends that you are paying attention to them, especially if you only use text messages.

Show Enthusiast Response in
Show Enthusiast Response in

3. Show Your Uniqueness

Express yourself as you wish through your avatar. Make it more iconic with some hair styling or unique clothes. 

Not only from appearance, but you can also showcase your talents in, such as singing, playing musical instruments, or performing a stand-up comedy. Kindly use the stage and show your talents there!

The more iconic and unique you are, the more people get interested in you and eventually talk to you.

That sums up the tips on how to make friends in Sometimes, it takes a little courage to start embracing new things, as well as finding a new friend. 

Regardless, could be a nice place to meet new people as you can take step by step to open yourself. So, download the app on Google Play Store or AppStore and find many friends there!

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