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How to Become a YouTuber on in a Unique Way

A YouTuber is a digital content creator who creates and shares videos or other types of contents on YouTube. These days, you can also try to share the videos on other platforms, such as

As a metaverse-based social media, you can also promote your YouTube channel apart from creating videos. So, how to become a YouTuber on Discover a unique and interesting way to be a YouTuber by exploring in this article!

How to Become a YouTuber in

In line with the advancement of technology, YouTubers become one of the most promising careers. Not to mention that YouTube becomes the top choice for fun entertainment among young people. 

So, if you are interested in pursuing a career as a YouTuber, it would be a good choice to start creating content in as a starter. Below are some tips to become a YouTuber in

1. Create a Game Streaming in

Pursuing a career as a gaming YouTuber? can be a great place to start streaming your gaming videos! The platform comes with a live streaming feature that enables you to stream your video while gaming.

Not only learning how to create content, but also helps you hold a game streaming to attract audiences and subscribe to your channel.

2. Record a Singing Cover Video or Karaoke

Singing a song is one of the most popular ideas in making videos for YouTube. Well, everyone loves music, right? But, how do we actually begin?

The way is quite easy as long as you have good singing skills. You can start by making a cover of someone’s song or having a karaoke. In, you can use the Live Music Space feature to start making a cover song. 

The space itself is specifically designed for the users to showcase their talents. It is a stage equipped with a microphone and located in Plaza Bhinneka and Simpang Bundar. 

Performing in this Live Music Space can be a good start to channel your talent, create content, and attract audiences to come to your YouTube channel.

3. Join YouTuber Community

Join a community is the best thing to do to start becoming a YouTuber. can be an ideal platform to find people with the same interest where you can also interact with them in the virtual world. 

You can discuss, ask for tips, and even suggestions to be a YouTuber in Find your community using Club features and join the fun together.

4. Promote Videos on

Promotion is also an important thing to do to get exposure and attract your audiences. helps you promote your YouTube channel in some ways, such as creating a personal space to host an event, performing on Live Music Space, and many more. 

That way, you can get viewers and attract audiences for your YouTube channel as well as improve your creativity in making interesting content. 

How to Promote YouTube Channel in

Promoting your videos is one of the other ways to get exposure for your channel and be popular. Therefore, you need to always find a strategy in promoting them, such as playing

As a social media platform, makes a potential place to meet many kinds of people where you can promote and showcase your works, such as YouTube videos. 

There are many interesting ways to roll out that plan and below are some tips to follow:

1. Host an Event in Personal Space

Personal space is kind of a room designed with a certain function for users to gather and interact with each other. Each user can create their personal space and set them in public. 

That way, other users can join in the space which is a potential moment to promote your YouTube channel. Otherwise, you can just set your space as promotional media that will appear on Discover Page. Wouldn’t that be an interesting way to promote?

2. Socialize with Strangers in Plaza Bhinneka or Simpang Bundar

Plaza Bhinneka and Simpang Bundar are the most popular virtual cities in Many people come just to hang out or chill with friends. 

That makes virtual cities a great place to promote your YouTube videos. Just use Chat All feature in which everyone in the city can see the message.

For example, you want to send a message to people in Plaza Bhinneka through Chat All feature. Just type some messages and interesting words to promote your channel then everyone can read the message. 

That said, you can use Chat All feature like a broadcast message and even share your YouTube channel link there. But make sure not to make spam.

3. Promote in Live Music Space

Not only a stage to perform, but Live Music Space is also a good place to promote your YouTube channel. Lots of people walking around this area, so try your best to attract their attention. 

You can directly show what your video is about and see how it interests others. For example, if you make a comedy on your channel, try to perform a bit of your stand-up comedy on the stage.

After that, you can ask them to visit your YouTube channel to look for other interesting videos.

Well, that sums up our tips on how to become a YouTuber in Pursuing a career or just a hobby as a YouTuber is indeed an exciting path, especially if you are passionate about it.

That way, could be a place to help you better start the journey. So, interested in becoming a YouTuber on as well? Download the application now on your App Store or Google Play Store!

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