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8 Games for a Fun Virtual Meeting with Teams on

Looking for ideas to host fun and exciting virtual meetings in You can have an ice-breaking session to play some online games for virtual meetings here.

Playing games for virtual meetings is considered effective to boost productivity and creativity, especially to get new ideas or solutions. 

So, if you are interested to create a fun session with games for office meetings, for example, you can try them on Let’s check out what games to enjoy in the list below!

Various Games for Virtual Meetings in

Organizing a virtual meeting on can be a unique and interesting experience. There are various activities to enjoy on this platform, including when you have a meeting here. One of which is the list of games for virtual meetings to play.

So, what games can you enjoy while having virtual meetings on Check out the list below.

1. Ocat

Ocat in

The first game for virtual meetings in that you should try is Ocat. This mini-game has a simple rule. You only need to match three cards with the same pictures. 

For that, Ocat is an easy game to play during the break period, especially for an office meeting. 

Moreover, you can buy Ocat in the Store and put it in your personal space. It looks like a cat statue when you click on it, you’ll enter the game.

You can access the Store while in decorating mode. Click on the shop icon in the upper right corner and you can find Ocat as one of the decorations for a space.

2. Shooting Machine

Shooting Machine in

Looking for online games after the virtual meetings end? You can visit Playland in which is the center for games.

There are many games you can play to refresh your mind after a long meeting, one of them is Shooting Machine.

To play this game, you need to score points by putting the basketball in the ring as many as possible within 30 seconds. 

However, you need to have enough Funcoin to play the Shooting Machine. In fact, you can use Funcoin to play many games on

The first account will automatically have 2.000 Funcoins. But, later if you run out of Funcoins, you can buy them using Diamond. For that, you should make a top-up to your account.

Diamond top-ups can be done when your account is connected directly to the App Store or Google Play Store. Only then can you make payments using digital wallets or through merchants that are in partnership with the App Store or Google Play Store.

3. Billiard

Billiard in

The next game for virtual meetings to play in is Billiard. Similar to the common Billiards, you need to score by potting a ball using a stick and knocking it into a pocket. 

If you win the game against your opponent, you can get Funcoins as the reward. 

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4. Soccer Tablet

Soccer Tablet in

Soccer Tablet is a unique version of football games. That is because you play it as a single-match player and score a point by aiming the ball at the opponent’s goal.

The same as Billiard, the winner of Soccer Tablet, which is a player with higher points, will get Funcoin as the reward. You can use them to play other games in Playland.

5. Bingo

Not only by playing games for virtual meetings, but you can also have a more simple fun agenda to lighten up the mood. You can play Online Bingo for that.

The rule of the game is to arrange numbers in a box randomly. After that, you need to mark the numbers mentioned by other players in the virtual meeting. 

The winner of the game is the first person who got their numbers crossed in a row.

6. Word Trivia

The next recommendation for online games for virtual meetings is word trivia. To play this game, the participants are recommended to open their cameras and activate the microphone.

After that, one person would demonstrate and describe a word using motion only while other participants would guess the word. A team with the most correct answers wins the game.

7. Song Quiz

If you have good taste in music, having a song quiz would also be a good thing to do as games for virtual meetings. There is only one simple rule in this game.

One person needs to sing a song in the wrong tone while others should guess the correct tone for that song. It might look simple but takes time to guess the correct song.

8. Trivia Quiz

The last fun and exciting game for office meetings is a trivia quiz. This is a popular choice, especially to enlighten the mood in an ice-breaking session. 

The game is played by giving simple questions to the participants. You can use this chance to see the bonding and how close the participants are to each other.

That is the list of fun online games for virtual meetings that you can try on to lighten the mood during the ice-breaking session. 

Playing some games in a virtual meeting would give time for the mind to rest and refresh for the upcoming discussion. 

If you are interested to play the games listed above, you might want to try them on So, download the app on App Store or Google Play Store now!

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