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Mins Read, an Interesting App to Make Friends Online

The advancement of technology brings us to many new remarkable things we’ve never thought about before, including an app to find new friends online. 

In doing so, as a social media platform would be a great place to meet new people and interact with them in a virtual space. 

The platform can even offer more than just a place to have a virtual interaction. It can be a place to practice your talents, conduct an online event, and a media to promote. 

So, how exactly can we find new friends on this app? Let’s check out the way in the explanation below!, A Metaverse-Based Social Media to Find Friends is a social media to find new friends in the metaverse world equipped with a Social Map feature. In this platform, your existence is represented by an avatar.

You can design and customize the avatar with a unique appearance however you wish. As a social media but with a more unique concept, it definitely can be a great place to find new friends.

There are various virtual interactions you can do here from enjoying the virtual cities to showcasing your creativity in an online space.

Moreover, you might find a group with similar interests as you and join them to have fun together. Otherwise, you can build your own community. also has some popular places as their partner that embraces a unique concept, such as Noice for a podcast, Sociolla, and Bumilangit.

Where to Find Friends in dengan fitur Social Mapnya bisa menjadi aplikasi cari teman online untuk pengguna bersosialisasi secara virtual.

Ada berbagai fitur kekinian dan menarik yang bisa dipakai WarGat untuk mendapatkan teman, di antaranya:

1. Join a Public Space

In, there are many interesting spaces to join where you can have a unique virtual interaction with others. Public spaces are a great place to have that.

You can find a list of public spaces on the Discover Page and freely join them. Make sure to read the space description first before joining the space. 

Another way, you can also join a private space by entering the invitation code given by the owner. You can input the code in the “Join a Space” menu.

Moreover, you can have your own space and decide whether to set it in public or private. Everything is in your hand. 

2. Meet New People on Social Map 

The highlight of as a metaverse-based social media is the Social Map feature. It allows you to know other users’ locations in real-time and then add them as your friend.

The Social Map is further enhanced by adding information about the distance, duration of how long someone stays in one location, and even the battery percentage.

Additionally, the feature enables you to find communities around your location by using the Club Nearby feature. As such, you can easily meet them offline. 

3. Share Stories on NOW

NOW is another feature in that allows a user to share stories with other WarGat. You can share anything, such as your outfit of the day or activities. 

Thanks to the Social Map feature, you don’t have to connect to anyone to look at others’ NOW. As long as they are near your location, you can see their updates. 

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4. Play Games also comes with fun mini-games to play with friends or even by yourself. There are several options to choose from, such as Soccer Tablet, Billiards, Shooting Machine, and others.

Visiting Playland would be a good chance to meet new people and eventually make friends with them.  

5. Showcase Talents

In, you can do more than just play games or have virtual interactions with others. This platform also provides spaces for you to show and practice your talents, such as singing or live streaming.

There are several templates to choose from in making your own space from gaming to live streaming space. The design for each space is customized based on the intended function.

For example, if you choose to create a gaming space, the room will be equipped with tools for gaming, such as a console and others. 

Or else, if you want to have a virtual karaoke room, then your space will have microphones to sing the song.

Well, that’s a brief review of as a great place to find new friends online. Thanks to its metaverse concept and the Social Map feature, offers a unique virtual experience. 

Additionally, you can do almost everything in this place from meeting new people, building a community, showcasing talents, and even finding a life partner online.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the app on Google Play Store or App Store now!

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