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What to Expect from as a Family Tracker App

One of the main features of is the Social Map. It allows users to know the location of their friends and even family in real-time. For that, comes as an alternative to a family tracker app. 

Using, you can track not only their location but also the moving speed, distance, and even the duration someone spends in one place.

Let’s scrutinize the benefits of using as a family tracker app in the explanation below!

Why Should You Use a Tracker App?

A tracker app is software used to track someone’s location. As such, the app is mainly used to know the location of friends or family members. 

There are some benefits of using a tracker app, such as detecting location in real-time, ensuring the family’s safety, and even finding a lost smartphone. 

1. Ensure Family Safety

As implied in the name, a tracker app has the main function to track someone’s location in real-time, including family members. That way, you can always track their location to ensure safety.

2. A Solution to Find a Lost Smartphone

Not only for safety, a tracker app is also useful to find a lost smartphone. If you or your family member lost their phone outside, you could use a tracker app to locate the position. 

Just make sure that the GPS is always on so that the phone can give a signal of its exact position. as a Recommendation for Family Tracker App

As a recommendation, can be a useful family tracker app with a list of features and a unique virtual experience. 

Thanks to the newly-released feature of Social Map, you can use to track someone’s location in real-time. No need to worry about privacy as it’s still the priority.

By that means, can only access your location when you give the full permissions. You can always change this setting on your smartphone.

Moreover, you can also use the Ghost Mode feature to hide your location so that it won’t be tracked by other users.

The Benefits of as a Family Tracker App

As a recommendation for a family tracker app, offers some benefits to help the user track location. So, what are the benefits of using as a family tracker app? 

1. Track Location in Real-time enables users to share or track someone’s location in real time using the Social Map feature. That way, you can locate where your family is or when they go to a certain place. 

Other than location, Social Map also allows users to know the battery percentage from the smartphone of their family member. Interesting, right?

To access those features, make sure you have allowed the app to track your location. You can choose the “always allows location access” to use the Social Map feature fully.

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2. Know the Moving Speed

Do you know that you can track not only someone’s location by also the moving speed of your family member? That information would be useful to predict how long someone will reach a destination. 

This information would also be a useful sign to know that your family is safe.

3. Know the Time Spent

Looking for ways how long your brother or mother spends time at a certain place? Worry no more as has the solution for you.

Using the Social Map, you can check that your family is safe spending time in one place. To access this feature, click on the avatar of your family member in the Social Map view.

4. Send Messages Through the In-App Message Feature

The next benefit of using as a family tracker app is to send messages directly through the In-App Message feature. 

It allows users of to send messages to each other like in a chatting app. It also comes with similar features, such as sending images. 

5. Mark Favorite Places

The new updates on Social Map also allow users to mark some favorite places on the app. That way, you can easily keep the moments while visiting a certain place. 

Marking favorite places on gives a chance for the user to save not only the moment but the location of where that experience happened. 

Thanks to the benefits mentioned above, can be a practical and free family tracker app with interesting features. Using the Social Map feature, you can easily track locations.

So, what else to doubt? Invite your family to download the app on App Store and Google Play Store now!

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