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13 Conversation Topic Ideas to Spark Good Chat in

Have you ever run out of conversation topic ideas to talk to other WarGat? This might be a problem, especially if you want to make new friends on this platform. 

Actually, a simple conversation will do justice to keep the flow of a conversation. But, still, there’s always a moment when you don’t know what to talk about.

To better help you start a nice chat with other users in, we’ve listed some conversation topic ideas from the simple ones and then span to all kinds of topics. 

Check this out as a kick-start for your next conversation!

Exciting Conversation Topics to Hang Out in

As a metaverse-based social media, gives a unique experience in exploring a virtual world using a 3D avatar. Here, you can visit virtual cities, join communities, and meet new people. 

That said, can be an enjoyable place to have a leisure walk in a virtual park or other hot places. 

Looking for activities to do when bored? is also a good recommendation to spend your time on. Let’s find out how to fully enjoy having a convo on this platform.

1. New Released Movies

Talking about new movies or drama series would most likely end up in an interesting discussion. You can start by asking, “do you know about this drama?”, “have you watched this movie?”.

The convo can move to a deeper topic by discussing certain scenes and how the story in the movie goes. It will be an interesting talk that might reveal something unexpected. 

2. Share Jokes

Some people also like sharing jokes to break the ice and enlighten the situation even in a virtual space. If you are a pro at telling jokes, well this is an advantage for you to talk to new people. 

Try to match the person you are talking with – you definitely hate being considered weird just because telling a dad joke to a teenager. 

But it will be a different case if you meet someone who is easily amused. They definitely will catch up with any funny thing you say. 

3. Talk about Routines

This is the most common and simple thing to talk to strangers or even close relatives. Asking people what they are up to might bring another interesting discussion ahead. 

A simple and good start is actually what you need in a fun conversation. So, try to be natural and keep up with their answers to find something interesting. 

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4. Hobbies

Everyone has their own hobbies and preferences which can be a good topic to talk about with strangers. You can start by asking what they like to do in their free time. 

There are many things to explore in someone’s hobby, especially if it’s new to you. Not to mention if they turn out to have similar hobbies like you. 

5. Favorite Music

The next conversation topic that is worth a try is asking about favorite music. Sometimes, each person has their own taste in music, either because of different generations or places.

You can exchange stories and even music playlists. It would be great if you find someone with the same taste in music and then give recommendations to each other.

6. Hot Topics on Social Media

Social media is mainly a place to share stories and, thus, hot topics also mostly come from this kind of platform. You can have a talk on this matter.

For example, the metaverse has currently gained popularity in the industry of technology. It would be great if the people you are talking to had the same interest in the topic. 

7. Residence

It’s so common to ask “where are you from?” to a person we just met. But can we bring this in a virtual space? The answer actually depends on the situation. 

It’s better to not ask for a detailed address but rather a region only. As such, you can continue asking, “what is the unique tradition in your home?” or “what is the popular food in your area?”. 

8. Current Situation Around 

Looking at the current situation can also be an interesting conversation topic, including what’s happening in at that moment. 

For example, if you have a talk with someone at the cafe, you can curiously ask about their favorite menu when visiting a coffee shop in the real world. 

9. Dating Life

For young people, love life is like a spice to make a colorful life. This could be an interesting thing to talk about even to a stranger. 

You can ask about their criteria in looking for a partner or share unique love stories that each of you has encountered.

10. Favorite Things to Do

Who doesn’t like being asked about favorite things? This natural phenomenon about human beings would be a good topic to talk about.

You can talk about each favorite things, such as your favorite food, YouTube channel, or actors. Bringing this up in a conversation might create a fun moment. 

11. Random Talks

Have you ever realized that sometimes we talk in such a random flow? In an informal context, it wouldn’t be a problem as long as you have fun. 

This is also a nice thing to try when talking to a stranger on You can abruptly ask someone to play “Truth or Dare”, quiz games, or discuss a conspiracy theory.

12. Give Compliments

To spark a good conversation, you can try giving a compliment you meet on, such as about their avatar. 

This might lead to a longer conversation where you talk about the thing you compliment on. But make sure that you give a proper and polite compliment, not a satire.

13. Book Review

Another conversation topic to try is reviewing a book. First, make sure that they are interested in books so that the convo will last longer. 

You can find and join a community to easily find people who love reading. Later, the convo can continue to ask for book recommendations or even review a book.

That’s all about exciting conversation topic ideas you can try on while exploring With the list above, you don’t need to worry about running out of topics. 

So, have you set your mind to looking for new friends and eventually talking to them on Download the app on Google Play Store or AppStore!

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