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Mins Read, Metaverse-Based Social Media as A Fun Chatting App

As a metaverse-based social media, appears as a chatting app with unique and fun features. The user can interact more than just through text or picture but also using avatar and virtual cities.

Are you curious what can offer to you as a chatting app? Read the following article to enjoy the fun in to the fullest!

Features in as a Chatting App

There are a number of features to enjoy in as a chatting app. You can interact with other users as if in the real world. Below is the fun that you shouldn’t miss:

1. Avatar 2D dan 3D

As a chatting app, offers a unique experience while surfing social media using an avatar. It works as the user’s visual representation in the app.

The users can design the avatar as they wish, be it the face, gender, and even every detail for the fashion. 

You can always change your appearance anytime you want and even buy clothes to complete your wardrobe.

Avatar 2D dan 3D in

The clothes are available in free and paid versions. You can buy the paid version using Acoin which is the currency in 

There are several ways to collect Acoin, such as playing games, playing Drifting Bottle, and others. 

2. Social Map

Recently, also released a new feature called Social Map. It allows a user to know where other users are and how long they stay in one location. 

Additionally, Social Map also helps the user to explore and find a nearby community based on their location. You can use this feature to easily find people with similar interests as you.

Social map in

3. Chatting while Taking a Walk as a chatting app comes differently than the common ones because it offers a unique virtual interaction. The platform has virtual cities where the user can take a walk virtually.

That said, you can do more than just chat but also take a walk with your friends in a virtual space. If you want to know which popular place to visit, let’s take a look at the list below.

a. Simpang Bunder

Simpang Bunder is one of the most popular places in This is a must-go-to place when exploring 

There are several buildings to enjoy in this virtual city, such as caffee, furniture shop, toy store, cinema, and street show. 


Coffee shop in

At the caffee, you can leisurely hang out and chat with your friends along with an aesthetic decoration. Visit the cinema where you can enjoy movies with friends. 

Another option to do in Simpang Bunder is watching a live music where people usually perform. You can do all of these activities while also chatting or open the microphone to directly talk. 

b. Plaza Bhinneka

The next place to visit in is Plaza Bhinneka. Similar to Simpang Bunder, this is also a popular place to hang out with friends. 

Most people would just chat while sitting on the park bench, have a picnic, or just gather around to chat. 

Plaza Bhinneka in

c. Istana Negara and Istana Bogor

If you want to go to historical buildings in Indonesia but in virtual space, visit Istana Negara or Istana Bogor in In this place, you can explore the building as in the real world while having a chat.

The buildings have been designed to portray the real one with a green panorama. Enjoy exploring this place with your avatar.

Istana Negara in
Istana Bogor in

d. Personalia

Looking for a virtual place for an online date? would be a great place to do that. Visit Personalia where you can enjoy a museum date with your partner.

This will be a perfect date, especially for LDR couples and the ones who love enjoying arts.

Personalia in

e. Playland

The next fun place to visit in is Playland. This is a space specifically designed with various games to play. 

There are many things to enjoy here, such as Soccer Tablet, Billiard, and Mahjong Puzzle. 

playland in

4. Klub Online

Another feature of as a chatting app is an online club. On this platform, you can find and build your community based on recommendations or invitations.

There are many communities to join, such as gaming, a live streaming club, karaoke, or a club to find new friends.

You can also try creating your own space and setting it as a public or private room.

A private space isn’t open to anyone unless the owner shares the invitation code. This will be a perfect room to have a deep talk with friends or have a formal meeting.

public space in
personal space in

5. In-App Message Feature

As a chatting app, is further enhanced with the In-App Message feature. It allows users to send private messages to other users, be it text or pictures. 

So, if you are too shy to say hi in public places, you might try the In-App Message feature to get a new friend on

In-App Message Feature in

That’s it about as a chatting app that offers a new, unique, and fun experience of interacting with people in a virtual space. So, are you interested to try it on? Directly hit the link and download the app on  Google Play Store or Appstore now!

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