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How to Track Kids’ Phones and Keep Them Safe

In this fast paced world, nothing can be 100% safe, especially for your children. News about bullying and fraudulent activities is increasing like wildfire. Therefore, tracking your kids’ phones is something crucial to keep them safe from such harmful threats.

However, tracking someone’s location is easy in today’s world of technology. There are apps that allow parents to keep an eye on their kiddos. 

If you are looking for one, Social Map by Jagat app is one of the best choices you can have to track your kids’ locations. 

To know further how to track kids’ locations on your smartphone, read the following article.

Tracking Kids’ Location on Your Smartphone

Keeping your kids safe is also about ensuring that their actions wouldn’t be something that unknowingly harms them. 

As such, tracking kids’ phones becomes an option to keep a close eye on their activities. There are several easy ways to track their phone as follows:

1. Use the Share Location Feature on WhatsApp

Tracking your kids’ phones can be done using the location-sharing feature on WhatsApp. However, it still needs your kids’ permission to share their locations.

The app will share the live location at a regular time within a certain period. The maximal duration only lasts for 8 hours. After that, your kids need to share their location again.

2. Use the Location Sharing Feature on Google Maps

Google Maps also allows users to track someone’s location, including your kids. Similar to the Share Location feature in WhatsApp, you still need your kids’ permission to track them.

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3. Use Social Map by Jagat App

Looking for a more practical way to track your kids’ locations? You can try using the Social Map by Jagat app. 

It works pretty well and is more efficient as you don’t need to ask your kids’ permission to track their locations.

Moreover, you can even track your kids without them knowing. As long as you’ve connected with each other as Upals on Jagat, you can always see their live locations.

There is no limit applied to this app when it comes to tracking someone’s location. You can use it anytime and anywhere.

Tracking Your Kids’ Locations Using Social Map Jagat

As explained above, the Social Map by Jagat offers a more practical way to track your kids’ locations. 

If you are interested in trying this solution, below are the steps you need to follow.

1. Install Jagat App

Firstly, you need to install Jagat app on your smartphone and your kids’ as well. The app is available for free on App Store or Google Play Store.

After that, you can use your Google or App Store account to register yourself on the app.

2. Grant Location Access Permission

After registering your account, the app will ask for location access permission. Give full access so the app would work optimally.

Click on the “always allow location access” option to give full access to the app to access your location accurately.

No need to worry about privacy as the location data will only be shared with those who are already connected as your friends on Jagat.

Besides, you can always change the location setting through your smartphone.

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3. Connect Your Kids’ as Your Upals

Don’t forget to connect your account with your kids’ as Upals on Jagat. That way, you can share each others’ locations in real-time.

There are several ways to connect your Upals, such as using the ID account or QR scan.

4. Open the Social Map

Finally, you can start using the Social Map to track your kids’ locations. On the map, you can see your kids’ locations symbolized by their profile pictures.

If your kids move from one place to another, the picture would also move accordingly, allowing you to know their locations in real time.

The Social Map Jagat also offers additional information for parents, such as your kids’ battery percentage, time-spend duration in a certain place, and their moving speed by clicking on their profile picture.

Those are tips for tracking your kids’ phones, including using the Social Map by Jagat in a fun, engaging, and practical way.

Presented as an app to track locations, Jagat allows users to locate others’ whereabouts, including their children and friends in real-time accurately.

Furthermore, you can also use this app to chat by sending text or images in a fun way. If you are interested to try the app, download it for your smartphone on App Store or Google Play Store!

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