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How to Talk in Private on to Keep Your Privacy

Do you want to have a comfy place to talk to your discussion partner in private? offers its users to enjoy conversation in private, just between their groups. So, how exactly can we have a private talk on

Yap, all you need is a private space with a password to enter the room. Besides, there are still other ways to have a private talk online on Find out the detailed information below!

Why Do People Need a Space to Have a Private Talk?

Most WarGat tend to choose of having a private talk online because they can talk about many personal things – without worrying others, would eavesdrop.

Let’s look at some reasons why people need a special space to talk in private.

1. Get to Know Others

In a common situation, a private talk would consist of only a small group of people. This is why a private talk can bring two people or more closer. 

That’s because they can fully give attention to the topic they are talking about. More people tend to have a big distraction than a small one.

2. A Comfy and Tranquil Situation

In a small discussion, the conversation somehow feels more comfy and tranquil. Each person can talk and respond in turn. The possibility of getting interrupted is also lower. 

That way, you can enjoy talking with your friends without even realizing the time goes.

3. Have a Deep Talk

Having a private talk online also allows you to start a more personal topic. You can say that the forum is a safe place to let out your emotions.

As a result, you and your friends can deeply talk about your problems or ask for suggestions. 

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How to Talk in Private on

Now that you know how a private talk can benefit you, does that intrigue you to start one on Well,  a private conversation is needed to help you relieve stress and burden.

Below, we’ve listed some tips to have a private talk online on Let’s find out here!

1. Chat at Cafe

First, you can have a private talk on by hanging out at the cafe. Once you sit on the chair, the conversation would only be heard by people at the same table. 

This is the most favorite option in if you want to have a private talk in As such, you can go to the cafe at Simpang Bunder.

2. Create a Private Space

Another solution, if you want to have a more private room, is by creating a personal space and setting them with a password. 

As the name implies, a private space is a personal room that allows its users to do private activities, such as a community event, business meeting, or deep talk with friends. 

To enter and join a private space, you need to ask the owner for the password. Each user can create a space by clicking on the “create your space” button and then setting them to private.

3. Have a Discussion in a Formal Meeting

Other than private personal space, you can also have a private talk in a space specifically designed for a meeting. It is known as a formal meeting space.

Similar to the private space, a formal meeting space can be set to private with a password. As such, only people with the password can join.

Interestingly, the meeting space won’t be available unless you’ve scheduled your meeting on the Schedule menu. Follow these steps to schedule a meeting.

  • Go to the Account tab at the bottom right of your screen.
  • Click on the Schedule menu.
  • You will see a calendar and a plus (+) icon at the bottom right. Click on the icon to create a meeting schedule.
  • Click on the “new formal meeting” button. 
  • Set the title, date, and meeting password.
  • All set! You will be able to join the meeting room based on the schedule.

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4. Use In-App Message Feature

Last but not least, you can use the In-App Message feature to have a private talk in This is a place where you can chat and send messages with your Upals. 

With this feature, you can send both text and images to further enhance your chatting experience. Go to the notification tab with a bell icon to use this feature. 

In fact, having a private talk would be beneficial for every individual and it is part of human basic necessities. It helps to bring people closer and have a good bounding. 

You can use as one of the private talk apps with a unique virtual experience as explained above. So, what are you waiting for?

Download the app for your smartphone on App Store or Google Play Store now!

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