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4 Tips on How to Make a Space on & Benefits

Space is a virtual room in in which you can have an online interaction and even build your online community. But, do you know how to make a space in

Each user can make a space easily on You don’t need to pay with a Diamond or Acoin to make one as it’s part of the feature. Wonder how to make space on Check this out!

What Can You Do in the Space?

Space is a feature that gives a unique virtual experience in The user can enjoy exploring this metaverse-based social map while having a fun interaction in the space as well.

It looks like a private room where usually only a group of people join. There are several things you can do in a space as listed below:

1. Host an Online Community Event

Many users use the space as a virtual room to host a community event. You can leisurely hang out with your community in this place.

To further enhanced the event as if in the real world, you can arrange some virtual activities, such as playing games and performing talents while having fun together.

2. Have a Meeting

These days, working from home becomes a trend and you might need a unique place to have a meeting. Conventional video meetings might be boring, but you can try hosting a meeting on

Inside a private space, you can have a brainstorming or report session with your team. You can turn on the microphone and video as in other conference apps but the avatar is the highlight of having a meeting in

3. Meet New Friends

The space in can be set in private or public. Private means a person who wants to join needs an invitation code.

However, if you have it in public then anyone can jump in and out freely. As such, a public space would be a great choice to find new friends.

How to Make a Space on

Now that you know what to do in a space, you might want to learn how to make a space in and immediately host an event there. Follow the steps below and get ready to welcome your guest!

1. Click on Create Your Space Option

The first step of how to make a space on is to go to Create Your Space option with a (+) logo. You can find this button at the Playground or the first page that shows your avatar and friends.

Two options will appear on the display, which are “Create Your Space”, “Join Space”, and “Join Meeting”. 

All you need to do is to click on Create Your Space button. Bear in mind that each user can only make one space.

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2. Choose the Template for Your Space

Once you click on Create Your Space option, you’ll be directed to choose the space template. There are several choices that you can choose based on how the room will function.

Below are the eight templates available on to choose from

  • Livestream Space: it looks like a studio and is mostly used for fun entertainment, such as storytelling or stand-up comedy.
  • Game Streaming Space: as the name implies, this space is a perfect choice for a game streaming event as it comes with game equipment and decorations.
  • General Game Space: the previous one is a room designed for game streaming while this one has several games to play together with friends, such as console games and billiards.
  • Karaoke Time: looking for a virtual place to show your singing talent? Well, create your own karaoke space and enjoy it with your friends.
  • Chatting Room: this space is designed as if you’re having a home party. As such, you can choose this one to host a virtual party and hang out with friends.
  • Dating Now: this space is suitable if you’re looking for a life partner online or having a virtual date on It comes with a romantic decoration dominated by pink colors to enlighten the moment.
  • Small Talk: this one has a simple decoration which is a row of tables and chairs used to have a casual talk with friends.
  • Meeting Space: this space comes with an office-like decoration to build a semi-formal vibe. You can opt for this template to conduct a virtual meeting with your team.

3. Set the Space Information

The next thing to do in making a space in is to set the information. There is a list of information you need to add to your space. Below are the details:

  • Space cover: it refers to the main image that will be shown on the timeline. In other words, it’s the cover image that represents your space. You can choose an image from your smartphone and combine it with your avatar.
  • Space name: this is the main information about your space as if it is an address.
  • Space privacy: there are two options for space privacy. You can have it public and it will be displayed on the Discover Page, meaning that anyone can join. Meanwhile, if you set it to private, only people with the invitation password can join in your space.

4. Create Your Space As You Wish

You definitely can’t leave out decoration when it comes to making a space in As the owner, you can design the space as you wish by buying some furniture at the store.

There is a picture frame in which you can display your picture or artwork and then exhibit your work in your space. Wouldn’t that be interesting?

In that case, you can even create your own art gallery in a virtual space as a kickstart to showcase your talents.

Those are things you can do to make a space in Creating a space is one of the main highlights of playing in which you can do a variety of things inside. 

So, have you decided on how to decorate your space in Get ready and download the app on Google Play Store or App Store now! 

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