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7 Easy Tips to Get Coins in, Earn It Free!

Trying to portray the real world as real as possible, as a metaverse-based social media also has its own currency in the form of coins to buy things. But, how to get coins in

There are easy ways to collect coins in and you can even get them for free just by exploring the virtual cities! 

Wondering how to get coins in easily? Check out the tips in the following explanation!

What Can Coins Buy in

There are many unique virtual interactions to enjoy in to make it looks like the real world. One of the interesting elements is the currency known as Acoin.

Using Acoin, WarGat can buy things available in the store or play some games. Below are the things you can buy using Acoin:

1. Avatar Clothes

In, you use a 3D avatar as the visual representation while playing the app and exploring the virtual cities inside. 

Interestingly, you can design your avatar as you wish from the facial features, hairstyles,and clothes to fulfill your desire on how you would like it to be.

Some accessories and clothes for the avatar are available for free. But, if you want to have more, use Acoin and buy other clothes in the Clothing Store. This is why Acoin is needed.

2. Space Furniture

Other than clothes for the avatar, you can use Acoin to buy space furniture. It will be later used to decorate your own space and make them as interesting as possible based on your preferences.

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How to Get Coins in

In order to elevate your avatar look and buy good space furniture, you need to get a lot of Acoins. So, what should you do, and how to get coins in

1. Explore the Virtual Cities placed coins in certain places in Ibu Kota Nusantara that can be collected for free by WarGat while exploring the app.

To find these coins, you can explore some popular places, such as  Indonesian Basketball League, Personalia, Istana Negara, and Noice Space.

2. Play Mini Games

play mini games in

Looking for things to do when bored while collecting coins in You can play some mini-games available in the app!

Mini-game has two different levels and can be played by matching the same pictures from a pile of them. 

Once you finished the game, you’ll get Acoin as the reward. Don’t worry, there’s still a prize even if you lose.

To access these mini-games, you can click on the cat statue placed at various places in Plaza Bhinneka and Simpang Bunder.

3. Drifting Bottle

The next tip to get coins in is by playing with a drifting bottle. This is actually a corner where you can pick or throw a bottle from the river.

The bottle contains some messages from other users and if you’re lucky you might get coins here. You can find drifting bottle corners at Plaza Bhinneka and Simpang Bunder.

4. Join a Voting

Another easy way to get coins in is by joining a voting held by the developer of At a certain moment, they usually share a vote about features on

After finishing the vote, you will be rewarded with Acoin used to buy some clothes or space furniture. However, you need to use the coins within the given time only.

5. Finish a Quest

Are you someone who loves finishing a quest? Well, congratulation as you can get coins in by finishing a quest! It looks like a mission given to WarGat to be completed while exploring Ibu Kota Nusantara.

Joining a quest won’t only be a unique virtual experience but also a good way to earn coins for your avatar in The quest is divided into three types, a sign-in quest, a regular quest, and a daily quest.

  • Sign-in quest: all you need to do is log in to your account and get coins. This quest is only available in the first 7 days.
  • Regular quest: it refers to a regular mission that needs to be completed while playing Some examples of regular quests are joining a club, creating a space, sending gifts to other users, or throwing a bottle at drifting bottle space.
  • Daily quest: as the name implies, it refers to a daily mission and is actually quite similar to the regular quest.

6. Join a Quiz by Jagat Ambassador

In, you might know Olivia which is one of the non-player characters (NPC) on the app. It works as the ambassador of and can be met at Plaza Bhinneka and Simpang Bunder.

At certain moments, Olivia would give challenges or quizzes to WarGat. It’s mostly about features in or things to do in Ibu Kota Nusantara.

If you managed to answer each question by Olivia, you will get Acoin as a gift.

7. Buy Acoin using Diamonds

Other than the tips mentioned above where you can get coins for free, you might want to know how to get coins in a more instant way. You can buy them in the store or known as a top-up.

In this process, you need to have enough diamonds to buy an amount of Acoins. If you don’t have enough diamonds, you can buy them on App Store or Google Play Store on your smartphone.

Those are a series of easy ways to get coins on both for a free and paid version. So, don’t forget to collect coins as many as possible to buy unique clothes and space furniture.

To further enhance your experience, it would be more exciting to collect coins with friends or your partner. So, download the app now on App Store or Google Play Store!

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