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A Guide for Newbie: How to Change Your Avatar on

In, a user will use an avatar as the visual representation while exploring this metaverse-based social media. The user can design their avatar as they wish. But, how to change your avatar on

If you are still new to this platform, changing the avatar appearance might be quite confusing. Worry no more! This article will guide you on how to change avatars in

Without further ado, let’s check out the tutorial!

What is Avatar in

If you are a pro online gamer, the term avatar might be familiar to you. Yup, it refers to the visual character that will represent the user in the virtual world.

It can be both in the form of 2D or 3D characters depending on the game settings. In, you will see your avatar is presented in 3d form.

More interestingly, also allows users to show their creativity by designing their avatars as they wish.

How to Change Avatar on

As mentioned above, you have the freedom to design and create your avatar as you wish. This is the first thing that you need to do after the account registration.

Later, you can still change the appearance if you find the appearance boring. Below is the tutorial on how to change your avatar on

1. Go to Change Menu

How to Change Avatar on

The first step is to go to the Change menu. You can find the menu on the Playground page or Account tab.

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2. Choose the Clothes and Facial Feature

Clothes and Facial Feature in

Inside the Change menu, you will see a lot of options for clothes and facial features to make your avatar look cool.

Choose an outfit that interests your style. Meanwhile, if you want to change the facial feature, click on the face icon located on the right side of your avatar.

3. Buy Clothes at the Clothing Store

Buy Clothes at the Clothing Store in

After deciding on the clothes, you can also add to your wardrobe collection by buying some at the Clothing Store. For that, you need to have enough Acoin.

Therefore, collect Acoin as many as possible by exploring the virtual cities in However, you can also make a purchase using Diamonds.

A little bit different from Acoin, you can get Diamonds only by a top-up to your App Store or Google Play account.

4. Change the Avatar’s Name

Not only the appearance but you can also change the avatar’s name to whatever you want to be called on this platform. Follow these steps to change your username:

  • Click on your Account at the bottom right.
  • Go to the Profile and click the Nickname button.
  • Lastly, change your avatar’s name and click Save.
  • Now, you are all-set with a new username.

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Easy Tips to Make Your Avatar Look Cool

After knowing how to change your avatar on, it’s also important to understand how to make your avatar look cool. That way, you might have the chance to attract other users’ attention.

Below are some easy tips to enhance your avatar’s appearance to the coolest!

1. Choose Clothes with the Same Tone

Mix and match is the most important thing when it comes to fashion appearance and makes your avatar stands out.

The tip is to choose clothes with the same tone, especially one that matches the skin tone. That way, the avatar wouldn’t look too flashy.

If you want to have a safe choice, a neutral color would be a good option, such as black, white, or earth-tone color. 

2. Use Accessories

You can also equip the avatar with some accessories to elevate its appearance. The options range from hats, glasses, gloves, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and many more.

3. Use One Set Outfit

One Set Outfit in

If you find it hard to choose the top and trousers/skirt, you might want to consider using one set outfit which is already provided.

One set outfit looks like a cloth template and is equipped with a top, trousers, and accessories. This is a versatile choice if you want an easy way. 

That’s all the tips on how to change avatars on So, doesn’t it sound easy to do? As such, even new user can still pour their creativity to make a compelling avatar design.

What are you waiting for? Show your creativity by exploring now! Download the app on  Google Play Store or App Store!

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