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How to Buy Furniture for Space Decorations on

Decorating a space is like a necessity to fulfill if you own personal space in, right? For that, you can use some furniture to decorate your space. But, how to buy furniture for space decoration? 

Buying new furniture might be quite confusing for new users of But, worry no more as this article will talk in detail about how to buy furniture for space decorations. Check this out!

Types of Space Furniture to Buy in

Before going into how to buy furniture for space decorations, you need to know the types of furniture that you find in the store. 

There are several options to choose from, such as tables and chairs, sofas, wall decorations, floors, and some fun decorations. 

1. Chair and Sofa

Buy Chair and Sofa in

Chairs and sofas are definitely the most important thing to have in a space. As it should be, personal space is a common place to gather with other WarGat.

If you have enough chairs and sofas, that would create a more convenient place to hang out together, especially for a discussion.

2. Floor Furniture

Buy Floor Furniture in

Do you want to design the space as if it is your real personal room? You might want to consider using floor furniture. 

The store has various options for this to further elevate your space design, such as a carpet, seat cushion, a fireplace, and unique statues.

3. Wall Decorations

Wall Decorations in

To further enhance the design, you need to put some decorations on the wall to give it a lively vibe to it. 

There are many options for you to choose from for the wall decorations, such as a window, Happy New Year balloons, and some Christmas ornaments.

4. Recreational Furniture

Buy Recreational Furniture in

A popular option for space furniture is those used for recreational matters and fun entertainment. It would be a useful thing to have an exciting virtual interaction with others.

For example, you can buy a cat statue called Ocat used to play a mini-game. Or else, you can buy stage furniture which you can click on and make your character dance.

How to Buy Furniture for Space Decorations in

Buy Furniture for Space Decorations in

The steps on how to buy furniture for space decorations in are simple. You just need to enter decoration mode in your personal space. Below are the detailed steps.

  • Open the menu by swiping up your screen. Click the Decorate button.
  • You will be directed to the decorating mode.
  • In this mode, you can click on the available furniture in your space to rearrange the layout. Besides, the decorating mode also has four buttons in the upper right corner, which are a furniture store, bag, template space, dan save the template.
  • To buy furniture, click on the furniture store symbolized with a shop icon.
  • Last, enjoy shopping! You can choose the furniture you want as long as you have enough Acoin to buy the furniture.

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Tips to Collect Acoin to Buy Space Furniture in

Knowing how to buy furniture for space decoration in only isn’t enough if you don’t have enough Acoin for a purchase. 

So, how to collect Acoin in Check out the following tips!

1. Complete the Quest

The first thing you can do to collect Acoin is by completing a quest on There are three types of quests, which are a sign-in quest, a daily quest, and a regular quest.

If you managed to complete the quest, you will get Acoin as the reward.

2. Play Drifting Bottle

Looking for a fun way to collect Acoin? Try playing Drifting Bottle by throwing or picking a bottle from the river in

If you are lucky, you might get Acoin while picking a bottle from the river. You can play Drifting Bottle at Plaza Bhinneka, Simpang Bunder, and Utown.

3. Explore Ibu Kota Nusantara

The easiest way to collect Acoin is by exploring Ibu Kota Nusantara. You don’t need to do something or have enough luck to earn Acoin. distributes Acoin for free at certain places in this virtual world. Therefore, have an adventure and explore some popular places to collect Acoin.

You can visit some places, such as Personalia, Istana Negara, Noice Space, Utown, Simpang Bunder, and Plaza Bhinneka.

4. Buy with Diamonds

Or you want an instant way in collecting Acoin. If that’s so, you can top-up for diamonds using your App Store or Google Play Account.

After that, all you need to do is just purchasing Acoin using your Diamonds. Easy, right?

Those are some tips on how to buy furniture for space decorations in that you can try on later.

Buying furniture would be beneficial to enhance your space design as a stopover with other WarGat. So, let’s create a unique space design on

Download the app for your smartphone on App Store or Google Play Store now!

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