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How to Actually Host a Virtual Meeting at Space on

Space in is one of the most favorite features in It allows users to have various virtual interactions in a room, including having a virtual meeting. Not to mention that you can do it easily.

Yap, you only need to create a space, schedule the meeting, and invite friends to join the meeting. All of these can be done for free without afraid of getting charged.

Do you want to know how to host a virtual meeting at a space on Let’s jump into the discussion below!

How to Host a Virtual Meeting at a Space in

Along with its benefits, is increasingly used as a fun platform to host virtual meetings. However, it might be quite complicated to organize a virtual meeting in, especially for new users.

Well, worry no more! The following information would share a tutorial on how to host a virtual meeting at a space in It’s fairly easy and can be done quickly.

1. Create a Personal Space

The first step in how to host a virtual meeting at a space in is definitely creating the space first. Go to the Create Your Space menu to start.

To access the menu, enter the Playground and click on the plus (+) icon. The playground is the first place you visit when entering

Next, choose the space template that you want. It comes with several options, such as Livestream Space, Game Streaming Space, General Game Space, Karaoke Time, Chatting Room, Dating Now, Small Talk, and Meeting Space.

Personal Space in

Each template has different decorations based on how it will be used. That said, it comes with unique and different characteristics.

For example, a Meeting Space template would look like an office room so that it matches the function to conduct a formal business meeting.

Additionally, you can set the space privacy, either have it as a public space or a private space. Public space will be shown on the Discover Page and anyone can join freely.

Meanwhile, if you want to have a more personal and private space, choose the latter. That way, only people with the invitation code from the owner can enter the space.

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2. Schedule the Meeting

The next step you should do in hosting a virtual meeting at a space in is scheduling the meeting. You can use the Schedule feature in the Account tab.

You can access the feature in the lower right corner of the screen which is symbolized by your avatar character icon. 

The Schedule feature looks like a to-do note in a calendar. You can add a meeting schedule by clicking the plus (+) icon located in the lower right corner of the calendar.

Virtual meeting in comes with two options, an event or a formal meeting. An event will be held in personal space which is a great choice for hosting an online community event.

If you want to have a formal meeting, it will be conducted in a special space designed for a more formal and private meeting. To further keep the meeting private, you can lock the space with passwords.

3. Invite Friends

It will send the virtual meeting link that will direct others to come to your space. You can share the link through other social media platforms.

Besides you can also share your space address to join others aside from sending the invitation link. It makes the event look more real as if conducted in the real world.

Invite Friends to

4. Use the Share Screen Feature

After everyone joins the meeting at the space, you can have a discussion using the share screen feature.

It allows you to share your screen with other participants. That way, the discussion can continue smoothly as if you are in the same room with other participants.

Additionally, you can activate the microphone and camera to make it look more real.

5. Have a Fun Agenda in Space

The next thing to do to enhance your virtual meeting in is to create some fun games as an agenda. This would be an interesting experience to lighten up the mood. 

Although you have the choice to skip this part, fun games are good to perk up your team’s spirit, especially after a long meeting.

You can buy some furniture for games at the store, such as Ocat (a cat statue). It has some mini-game to enjoy together. This is what makes hosting a virtual meeting in unique and more interesting.

6. Socialize with Friends Virtually

Socialize with Friends Virtually in

Having a virtual meeting in also means having an interactive virtual interaction with other users. That way, the meeting can be more engaging.

You can use the Action feature for your avatar to perform some actions, such as clapping, dancing, and even laying down. Interesting, right?

Well, those are some easy tips on how to host a virtual meeting at a space in that you can try on later.

With the benefits mentioned above, would be a fun and interesting place to have a virtual meeting, either for business or the community.

So, interested to try your first virtual meeting on Download the app on App Store or Google Play Store now!

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