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Everything about Gift in that You Should Know

If you’ve been playing for a while, you might be familiar with a gift. As the name implies, a gift is something given willingly to other users. So, what exactly is the function of a gift in

The main function of gift in is to determine the popularity ranking on the app. For those who want to be an influencer, a gift is a valuable feature on this platform.

So, to further understand what is the function of a gift in, read the following sections until the end.

Types of Gifts in

There are several kinds of gifts in that you can give to other users. What are they? Find out below!

1. Free Gift

The first type of gift that you can give to others without buying is a Lollipop. Each user can keep 3 Lollipops at maximum inside their bag.

If you run out of Lollipops, wait for 10 minutes and you will acquire another 3 Lollipops to give to others. That way, you can endlessly gift Lollipop to anyone.

2. Purchase with Diamonds

Another type of gift is definitely one that needs you to make a purchase before giving it to others. You can use Diamonds to buy some gifts, which are Hampers and Rose.

  • Hampers: 1 Diamond.
  • Rose: 99 Diamond.

To have enough Diamonds, you need to top-up through digital wallets or buy them at certain merchants. 

3. Purchase with Acoin

Not only using Diamonds, you can also buy gifts using Acoin. A gift that you can buy is LOVE which needs 10 Acoin for a purchase. 

No need to worry about running out of Acoins, you can collect them quite easily, such as by exploring Ibu Kota Nusantara, completing a quest, and even playing Drifting Bottle.

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What is the Function of Gifts in

The gift is a unique feature that becomes a great way to give appreciation to other WarGat. Other than as a token of appreciation, a gift in also offers another interesting benefit, such as 

1. Increase the Popularity Ranking

The most important thing about receiving many gifts is to increase the popularity ranking in itself. This is definitely important if you want to be famous.

Increase the Popularity Ranking in

Therefore, in order to gain a significant popularity increase you can perform some talents. That way, another user will give you gifts as an appreciation.

If you want to check your popularity, go to the Account tab and click on the fire icon.

2. Maintain a Good Virtual Friendship

The good thing about being loyal to other users is that it brings a good nuance to your virtual friendship. Who doesn’t like a gift, right?

A gift can be a form of appreciation, especially in a virtual platform where you can’t meet them in person. Giving a gift could give a sign that you want to keep in touch with them.

Not to mention if your friends’ love language is receiving gifts. Exchanging a gift would be a unique way to maintain a good friendship in

3. Collect Acoin

The last function of gift in might be unpopular but do you know that a gift can help you collect Acoin?

One of the daily quests in is to give a gift to another WarGat three times. It means that once you completed the quest, you will get Acoin as a reward.

There are many things you can do with Acoin, such as buying some clothes for your avatar, space furniture, and even buying another gift.

How to Give a Gift to WarGat

So, are you ready to give your first gift to others? You can do it easily by following these steps:

1. Click on Their Avatar

The first step to gift a user is to click on their avatar profile. Then, you will see a box consisting of the avatar’s information, such as the username and self-description.

Additionally, you will also see four buttons used to interact with the user.

2. Click the Gift Button

Among the four buttons, you need to click on the button with a gift icon to share your gift.

After that, the screen will show you a list of gifts to give, such as Lollipop, Hampers, LOVE, and Rose.

3. Send as Many as You Want

Lastly, all you need to do is choose which one to give. Easy, right? You can continue giving a gift as long as you have enough Acoin to buy them or the free gifts are still available.

Those are the information about gifts in that you need to know to further enhance your virtual experience in

In the end, we can say that a gift is an important factor to raise the popularity ranking in So, don’t hesitate to give a gift to someone you adore.

Download the app on App Store or Google Play Store now and start the gifting tradition!

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