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Express Yourself Through the Avatar in Jagat.io & How to Make

In Jagat.io, we use an avatar to play and explore places on the platform. But, what is an avatar? It is a 3D character designed to represent a user in the virtual world.

Avatar is mostly used in many social media platforms, including Jagat.io You can create and design the avatar as you wish.

Moreover, you can design your avatar to fulfill your desired wish instead of resembling your true identity. Everything is possible on Jagat.io.

So, does that interest you? Find out the detailed information and how to create an avatar in a metaverse platform below.

Why You Need to Have a Unique and Attractive Avatar

So, what exactly are the reasons to make a unique and attractive avatar design? Let’s take a look at the reasons below!

1. Be Unique and Show Creativity

Avatar is one way to represent yourself in Jagat.io. Having an attractive avatar would catch others’ attention. For that, people would see your creativity.

For example, you can have a cool hairstyle or use head accessories, such as a hat/cap, headphones, or sunglasses.

2. Attract Attention

Other people also use an avatar as their visual representation while exploring Jagat.io. By that means, there’s a possibility that you might find someone with the same outfit as yours.

Therefore, having a unique and attractive avatar would help you to stand out and be different from other styles. 

3. Show a Good First Impression

As a wise man said, first impressions determine your image, an avatar is the one that other people would look at about yourself.  So, try to create a good impression.

For example, if your avatar wears a sporty outfit with a jersey and sports shoes, people might assume that you are a person who loves sports activities.

Therefore, if you want to build a specific brand image about yourself on Jagat.io, try to style the avatar with a unique costume and accessory.

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How to Make an Avatar in Jagat.io?

So, how do you make an avatar on Jagat.io? If you started downloading the app, follow the steps below!

1. Create an Account

The first step of how to create an avatar on Jagat.io is creating an account on this metaverse-based social platform. 

You can do this step easily as there are two available options namely:

a. Use Phone Number or Email

You can use a phone number or email address as the first option to register an account on Jagat.io.

On the main page of the app, click “More option” and you will see the “login by other” button. After that, you can choose whether to use a phone number or email address.

Once you’ve entered the information, a verification code will be sent to your number or email. Enter the code and then you will be directed to make a password. 

Create an account on Jagat.io
Create an account on Jagat.io

b. Use Google Account

Worried about forgetting the password? You can opt-in for a Google account to register yourself on Jagat.io. Click on “Continue with Google” and choose your account.

After that, you will be directed to start entering the required self-information and designing your avatar.

Create an account on Jagat.io

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2. Choose Unique Clothes and Accessories

Once you set up your account and made the password, the next step is designing your avatar. This is the time to show your creativity and design your avatar as cool as possible.

designing avatar in Jagat.io

3. Choose the Facial Expression

Not only that you can customize the clothes and accessories but also the facial expression. You can decide what your avatar would look like.

Some of them include the hairstyle, mustache, the shape of mouth and ears, and many more that you can design as you like.

customize facial expression in Jagat.io

How to Edit Your Avatar Appearance

Sometimes, being the same is boring and you want a new thing on how your avatar looks. You can always redesign the appearance of your avatar by following these steps.

1. Change the Avatar’s Name

As you’ve expected, you can change your avatar’s name which is a username used by other users to identify yourself.

If you want to edit the name, go to the Avatar menu on the bottom right. Click on Profile and change your name as you want. Easy, right?

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2. Change the Appearance

Appearance is everything about making a good first impression. That said, you might need to regularly change your appearance to attract attention. How to change your avatar look?

You can go to Plaza Bhinneka and visit the Clothing Store to buy some new clothes. There are various options to choose from to elevate the avatar’s appearance.

To buy new clothes, you will need Acoin which is a currency in Jagat.io. You can collect Acoin by playing some games or exploring some places in Jagat.io

That’s an explanation about the functions of avatars and how to make them on Jagat.io. Avatar is a representation of the user while playing the app and a form of self-expression in a virtual world.

In Jagat.io, you have the freedom to express your imagination by designing your avatar. So, what are you waiting for? Download the app on App Store or Google Play Store now! Have fun!

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