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8 Best Destinations to Travel Abroad for Fun Holiday

Who wouldn’t want to travel abroad? Everyone has been dreaming about it, right? The thing is, the cost of traveling abroad is relatively expensive.

Not only that you need to consider the travel tickets but also accommodation and the cost of food there. 

However, you don’t need to worry as there are actually many affordable and budget-friendly tourist destinations abroad.

Which destinations are they? Let’s take a sneak peek at this article!

Popular Destinations to Go for Traveling Abroad

This might be an unpopular opinion but travel abroad can also be affordable if you know the tips and go to the right place with your budget. 

The best places to travel abroad below offer many great tourist destinations that are still pocket-friendly. Let’s check them out!

1. Thailand

Are you a fan of Thai drama series or movies? Just mention Bright, Win Metawin, and even Mario Maurer. 

Well, besides having a bunch of handsome and talented actors, Thailand also has plenty of fascinating and, of course, affordable tourist attractions to visit!

Some affordable attractions you can visit in Thailand are Wat Arun, Wat Pho, Phuket, The Grand Palace, and Khao San Road.

So, why not travel abroad to Thailand and enjoy both the beautiful scenery and the chance to meet your favorite actors? It’s a win-win situation!

2. Malaysia

The next best place to travel abroad with an affordable budget is still in South East Asia which is Malaysia. Many tourist destinations are budget friendly.  

In fact, there are several places that don’t require any ticket fees at all, like KLCC Park, Royal Selangor Center, Batu Caves, and KL Forest Eco Park. So, you can explore and enjoy these places without spending a dime!

3. Romania

Dreaming of Europe as your next destination to travel abroad? Well, you can consider going to Romania. From natural wonders to charming villages, you can find everything here.

If you’re interested in enjoying nature, you can visit Parcul Rozelor Park, the breathtaking Bigar Cascade Falls, Gua Peștera Bolii Cave, and the Bega River.

Or perhaps you’re more eager to explore the beauty of Romanian cities? Don’t worry, Bucharest can be the answer for you.

And that’s not all! If you want to immerse yourself in Romanian local culture, you can visit the villages in the Transylvania region.

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4. South Korea

Another choice to travel abroad with a friendly budget is South Korea. Yup, this country has been hugely known for its Korean pop culture. 

You probably know some of their popular boyband or girlband groups. But, do you know that South Korea has a lot of impressive tourist destinations? Moreover, some are available for free!

For that, you can visit popular places, such as the Han River, Banpo Bridge, Namsan Park, Gwanghwamun Square, and Cheonggyecheon Stream.

5. Nepal

The next affordable holiday destination abroad that you can try is Nepal, a country in South Asia. Nepal offers really affordable accommodation and food prices.

You can experience staying at cozy local guesthouses starting from just $10 USD. If you’re looking for budget-friendly sightseeing, we recommend visiting Boudhanath Stupa, Swayambhunath Temple, Thamel, Sarangkot, and Phewa Tal.  

6. Bosnia-Herzegovina

The name might be unfamiliar to you, but Bosnia is a great place to travel abroad if you’re looking for affordable options. 

Don’t be mistaken, Bosnia has a wealth of fascinating attractions that are budget-friendly, starting from Sarajevo, Jahorina, Mostar, Trebinje, Bascarsija, and the Kravica waterfalls.

Not only that, but Bosnia also offers many inexpensive accommodations, such as guesthouses and hostels, where you can stay for as little as $13 USD.

7. Georgia

Looking for nature tourism to travel abroad? Why not consider visiting Georgia that will amaze you with its mesmerizing nature beauty?

Yup, this state in the United States has plenty of beautiful and budget-friendly natural attractions. Typically, Georgia’s tourists visit its capital, Tbilisi. 

The city is surrounded by hills and mountains, offering breathtaking views. Plus, the cost of living in Tbilisi is relatively low. It’s no wonder that many travelers find it a delightful place to stay.

8. Maroko

Last but not least option for best place to travel abroad goes to Morocco, an African country that will take you to a list of great tourist attractions.

Morocco offers a plethora of breathtaking attractions, especially if you’re interested in history and ancient culture.

For nature enthusiasts, worry not! In Morocco, you can visit Essaouira, Asilah, and even the Sahara Desert. 

So, whether you’re into exploring historical sites or immersing yourself in the wonders of nature, Morocco has got you covered!

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Tips for Travel Abroad

So, how is it going? Are you intrigued to go to the country listed above for your next plan of traveling abroad?

But before that, let’s first take a look at the following tips for traveling abroad so that you don’t have to spend a fortune!

1. Use Promo if Possible

These days, many travel platforms offer a lot of promotions for those who plan to travel abroad. It ranges from coupon giveaways to discounts.

Therefore, try to do research for some promos if possible. That way, you might find some useful discounts to help you manage the budget.

2. Buy Travel Abroad Packages

Besides promotions, there are also many travel platforms that offer holiday packages to foreign countries, making it more convenient and affordable. 

Usually, the offered vacation packages already include transportation, accommodation, tickets to tourist destinations, and even meals. 

So, by purchasing travel abroad packages, you won’t have to go through the hassle of arranging everything needed for your trip.

3. Use the Social Map Jagat

The last holiday tip for traveling abroad that you shouldn’t miss is to use the social map feature in the Jagat app.

The feature allows you to track someone’s location in real-time, meaning that it helps you to avoid getting lost or separated from your family or group.

Moreover, the app also offers NOW features for you to share moments during your trip traveling abroad. 

Well, those are some best places to travel abroad that you can consider, especially if you are looking for affordable options.

Regardless, your preparation is what matters the most, from looking for promos, opt for travel packages, and the essential things you should bring.

Other than that, you can consider using the social map by Jagat for safety reasons as it helps you track each others’ locations while in the foreign country.

Interested to try? Download the app for your smartphone before you go. The app is available on Play Store or App Store!

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