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Having a friend to discuss anything would indeed feel great, right? Along with that, you can share insights about something new. Well, you can do that as part of virtual interaction in as an online discussion platform.

Yap, is metaverse-based social media where you can have a unique virtual interaction with new people.

It’s actually quite easy to find someone to have a light discussion with. It just takes courage to say hi to someone, talk to them, and continue to convo for a simple discussion.

So, how to find a friend to discuss many things on Let’s check this out!

How to Find a Friend for an Interesting Discussion in

For those of you who look for friends to share opinions online, can be a great choice for an online discussion platform. 

It is a metaverse-based social media in which a user can enjoy a unique virtual experience while also meeting new people. 

So, there is no need to worry about time and space as goes beyond just social media. It bridges the real world and virtual space with its Social Map feature.

In the explanation below, we share some tips on how to find friends as your online discussion partner and talk about many things!

1. Join a Club

The first and easiest way to find a friend for having a discussion is by joining an online community in For that reason, comes with a Club feature that allows users to create and join an online community.

A Club is a term that refers to a group of people in with similar interests. In other words, they gather people who have the same hobbies.

Joining a club would be the perfect way to find someone to discuss with. Not only that they will have many similarities in what to talk about but also they will be a new friend online.

Moreover, you can join a Club based on your current location. Using the Club Nearby at Social Map feature, you can discover the nearest community. Interesting, right?

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2. Join a Public Space

The next feature of as an online discussion platform is public space. It looks like a room where users can join for free to gather with others.

That makes public space a great place to find new friends, especially those with the same interest as you. You can find various public spaces on Discover Page or at Zero Point Monument at Plaza Bhinneka.

3. Live Streaming

Are you a person who likes to attract people’s attention to make them friends? Well, you might want to show something through Live Streaming on

In many cases, Live Music Space is a popular place in where people gather in a crowd to enjoy some performances. 

In this place, you can enjoy some virtual interaction with others and start a chat with them.

4. Hang Out at Plaza Bhinneka

As one of the most popular places in, Plaza Bhinneka is a good choice to have a random discussion with other users easily.

You can just casually join in a crowd, listen to what they talk, and ask to also deliver your thoughts. 

Other than Plaza Bhinneka, you can also visit Simpang Bunder for the same experience.

5. Use the In-App Message Feature

Last but not least, the way to find someone to have a discussion with on is by using the In-App Message feature. It works like a chat app that eases users to communicate with each other. 

You can share text and images in this feature as well as keep in touch with that person through

Tips to Find Interesting Discussion Topics

Confused about what topics should you talk about in a discussion? Worry no more! There are simple tips to help you have a fun, engaging, and smooth conversation.

1. Aware of the Latest Issues

An interesting discussion can start with any topic as long as both parties are actively involved in making an active communication. It even can be just about a mere topic on social media.

Therefore, to keep the flow in a conversation, it’s always a good idea to be updated with the latest issues. Not only that it will make a fun discussion but also increase your awareness of the surrounding.

2. Get to Know More about Your Friend

In many cases, a conversational topic can naturally appear if you’ve known someone you are talking with. It will even be great if you also know about their interests.

As such, try to know more about your friend or the person you are talking to. It will further enhance the discussion. 

3. No Need to Be Afraid or Shy

You might be a person who feels it is difficult to talk to a new person but sometimes, it is needed to step out of your comfort zone. Have a talk or simply say hi to new people.

If it’s still too overwhelming to have a discussion in a big group, you can try a small one first by talking about daily activities. 

As time goes on, you might get yourself adapted and feel comfortable speaking your mind in a community.

Those are some tips to do in finding someone to have a discussion with on On this platform, you can have more freedom to share your mind, such as in a public space or community.

So, what are you waiting for? Download JAGAT for your smartphone on  Google Play Store or App Store and find a friend to have a discussion with!

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