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8 Simple Ways to Greet People Politely and Say Hello

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you’re unsure or confused about how to greet people, especially someone you have a crush on? 

Sometimes it can be awkward, and you might not know what topics to talk about to keep the conversation going. 

But fret not! This article has got you covered with some tips on how to approach others, especially your crush. So, let’s dive into the explanation and make sure you read it till the end.

8 Simple Ways to Greet People

If you happen to meet your neighbor or relative on the road, don’t hesitate to simply say hello to them. After all, saying hello to others is one way to foster good relationships

Now, to avoid feeling awkward, here are some ways you can try to greet other people!

1. Use the Right Gesture

Not only can you use words, but you can also greet people using body gestures. There are several body gestures you can try to greet someone, such as waving your hand, nodding your head, bowing, and even giving a friendly expression. 

The purpose of using gestures when meeting someone is to create a positive impression and, of course, to help you feel more comfortable.

2. Give Your Smile

Who doesn’t like being greeted with a smile? You probably do too, right? Well, to make others feel happy, you can apply this one way of greeting.

So, whenever you want to greet someone and say hello, just smile warmly and sincerely. We guarantee you won’t feel awkward anymore.

3. Show Your Confidence When Talking

The key to making your conversation with others feel comfortable is to instill self-confidence. If you lack confidence, others will feel awkward and unsure about what to talk. 

So, when you meet someone and engage in conversation with them, try to always be confident. Let go of all negative thoughts about yourself that undermine your self-confidence.

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4. Make Eye Contact

Many people think that making eye contact with someone while talking will make things awkward. 

However, making eye contact is actually a friendly way to greet people and make them feel comfortable and respected. 

Not only that but unconsciously, making eye contact can also boost your confidence. So, instead of feeling more awkward, making eye contact while chatting actually makes the atmosphere more relaxed.

5. Show That You Listen

The next tip on how to greet people is by showing genuine interest in the person you’re talking to. Here’s how you can do it: greet them sincerely and listen attentively to what they’re saying. 

You can also demonstrate your interest by asking them related questions, whether it’s about their well-being or what they’re currently doing. 

6. Share Interesting Topics

Throwing in an exciting conversation topic is also one way to greet people and make them feel comfortable. 

You can start by asking how they’re doing. If they ask you back, try answering with a touch of humor.

If you’re unsure about what to talk about, you can begin by commenting on what the other person is wearing. 

For example, if they’re wearing jogging clothes when you meet them, you can try asking a few things like, “Just went jogging, huh?”, “Feeling tired, huh?”, or “You are indeed a morning person,”

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7. Stay Polite

Another important tip you should know in greeting people is to maintain a polite attitude so they feel respected and valued. 

Regardless of who you meet, whether they’re younger, older, or the same age, being polite is the way to greet them, as it’s considered basic manners.

8. Use the Social Map Jagat

If you want to start with a little step, you can always greet people through online platforms, such as Jagat. 

Jagat comes with various features, such as the In-App Message that allows you to send messages in a unique way to others.

This tip is especially useful if you want to greet your date online as you can use the emoji bombing feature to greet them.

Moreover, Jagat offers the social map feature to help track locations in real-time and accurately. That way, you can check your friends’ whereabouts on this app and ask if you can join them.

Those are some tips on how to greet people to avoid feeling awkward. The most important thing you need to remember is to show your sincere actions toward others. 

Otherwise, you can use the Jagat app to help you start making a comfortable conversation. The In-App Message and emoji bombing feature are unique ways to build an engaging talk.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the app for your smartphone on Play Store or App Store now!

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