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Introducing What is Upals in Jagat.io to Find New Friends

Jagat.io is a metaverse-based social media that comes with various exciting features to enjoy. One that you should notice is the term Upal. So, what is Upal in Jagat.io?

In a nutshell, Upal is a term that refers to your contacts or friends on Jagat.io. Once you are connected with a user, they will be your Upal. 

After that, you can easily stay connected with them by sending messages and having virtual interactions together on Jagat.io.

Are you curious about what else to know about Upal in Jagat.io? Check our explanation in the article below on what Upal is in Jagat.io. 

What is Upal in Jagat.io?

Have you ever heard what is Upal in Jagat.io? Yap, Upal is a term used to mention connected friends on Jagat.io. It allows users to stay connected with their friends.

In other words, you can also use Upal as a way to find new friends or even a life partner online on Jagat.io. Sounds interesting, right?

What is the Function of Upal in Jagat.io?

Upal comes as a feature that further enhances your virtual experience while socializing with other users on Jagat.io. 

So, what exactly are the functions of Upal in Jagat.io? Find out the list as mentioned below.

1. Stay Connected

The first function of Upal in Jagat.io is to allow a user to stay connected with their friends. If you’ve added a user as your Upal, it means that they will be on your contact/friend list.

That way, you can easily keep in touch with a certain person by sending messages. 

2. Exchange Messages Through In-App Message

If you have connected with other users as their Upals, you can send messages to each other using the In-App Message feature. 

Similar to other chat applications, the In-App Message feature allows you to have a chat with friends, either in text or images.

To use the In-App Message Feature, you can click on Upals on the Contacts menu. After that, choose the bubble chat icon as displayed on the chosen Upal profile.

3. Share Updates Using NOW Feature

NOW is a feature used to share moments by uploading photos. It will be shown on the timeline through which other users can see and interact with the post.

So, what does it have to do with Upal in Jagat.io? In using NOW, a user can set it so that only their Upals can see their NOW for privacy matters.

That privacy is released to give comfort to users regarding their privacy and have an exclusive virtual interaction (only with their friends).

In other words, if you have connected as Upals, you can freely look at your Upal updates on Jagat.io.

4. Track Location Using Social Map

Moreover, if you have connected as Upal on Jagat.io, you and your Upal can track each other’s location using the Social Map feature. 

Not only their location that you can see but also their distance from your location, moving speed, and even the battery percentage of your friend’s smartphone. 

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How to Add Upal in Jagat.io

Now that you know the function of Upals in Jagat.io, let’s move on to how to actually add friends as your Upals. Check this out!

1. Click “Add Upal” on Avatar Profile

How to Add Upal in Jagat.io

Adding an Upal can be as easy as pie that can be done while exploring the virtual cities in Jagat.io. If you meet a user, for example at Plaza Bhinneka, you can click on their avatar.

After that, you will see their profile with information, such as username, ucode, and four buttons to have virtual interaction with them.

Among the four buttons, there is the Add Upal button. Click on that and your request will be sent to that user. 

2. Use Ucode

How to Add Upal in Jagat.io

The next step you can do to add Upal in Jagat.io is using ucode. It is an identified code that is unique for each user. 

In other words, it works like your virtual identity number as a user on Jagat.io. Follow these steps to add Upal using a ucode.

  • Ask for a ucode from your friends.
  • Go to the Notification tab which is symbolized by a bell beside the Profile tab.
  • Select Contact menu
  • Click on plus (+) in the upper right corner of your screen.
  • There are two options between Add Upal and Join Club. Click on Add Upal to add new friends.
  • Enter the ucode.
  • Done! Now you are connected with your friends as Upal in Jagat.io

3. Scan Barcode

Otherwise, you can try a more practical way to add a user as your Upal. Jagat.io presents a Scan Barcode feature that allows you to add new friends easily.

All you need is a barcode and scan them. After that, you will be connected as Upal with your friends.

To access the barcode, go to Contact and click Add Upal. You can click on the barcode icon in the upper right corner to open yours.

As a social media, Upal definitely makes a great feature for the overall function of online social networking. It presents as a unique term to call your friend on Jagat.io.

With Upal you can easily look for new friends and be connected with them virtually on Jagat.io. So, what are you waiting for? 

Download JAGAT for your smartphone on Google Play Store and App Store now!

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