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What is Jagat.io? How to Play & Activities to Enjoy!

Have you ever heard what is Jagat.io beforehand? Jagat.io is a social-networking platform initiated by the youth of Indonesia. You can use the app as a platform to interact and hang out with friends in a virtual world. 

Since the first official launch in October 2022, people from various groups have started using Jagat.io to promote products and hold business meetings. 

Let’s dive deeper into what Jagat.io is and how to play the app as explained in the article below. Check this out!

What is Jagat.io?

So, what exactly is Jagat.io? Jagat.io is a social media platform created by PT Avatara Jagat Nusantara from Indonesia. Jagat.io initiated its first test in August 2022. Then, the platform is publicly launched in October 2022.

Jagat.io is the first social media platform in Indonesia that presents a virtual city called Ibu Kota Nusantara (IKN). In this city, there are several exciting places to visit, such as Art Gallery, Clothing Store, Cinema, Street Show, and Zero Point Monument. 

You visit those places and enjoy there as if in the real world. For instance, you can conduct a virtual art exhibition in the Art Gallery or shop for cute clothes for your avatar at the Clothing Store.

What is Jagat.io Objective?

Jagat.io aims to help you and other youths build an online community. You can interact and socialize with other users from different places in a virtual world without limitations. 

Not only as a means of virtual interaction, but you can also build creativity by creating a digital environment as you wish in Jagat.io.

Who Can Play Jagat.io?

Gen Z is the main target of Jagat.io, aged 14 to 24 years old. The platform would be a great place for Gen Z to freely express themselves without being limited by space and time.

Even so, it’s not only limited to Gen Z only who can play and enjoy Jagat.io. Everyone from various groups, both young and adults, can also play and explore what Jagat.io is about.

Features in Jagat.io

The main thing about Jagat.io is to let the users socialize in a virtual world with fun. Therefore, there are a lot of interesting features to enjoy in Jagat.io, and keep in touch with your friends.

1. Social Map

Are you familiar with the Zenly app? If yes then you might know how the Social Map feature works. Recently, Jagat.io released its new feature called Social Map.

The feature allows users to know and track the location of other players, such as friends – or even boyfriend and girlfriend – with an accurate point. 

That said, you can use Jagat.io as a location tracker app in replace of Zenly which will be discontinued in the near future. Additionally, Social Map will also be a useful feature to explore communities around you.

2. Personal Space

Do you want to have a more exciting experience in Jagat.io? Try to create your personal space available for each user in Jagat.io.

You can decorate the space by adding photos or digital artwork to promote yourself and showcase your talent. Personal space is also a unique place to conduct events in the virtual world, such as quizzes, stand-up comedy, or even an online concert.

3. In-App Message Feature

The essential thing about social media platforms is definitely the message feature to talk with others. You can share stories with friends in Jagat.io by using In-App Message Feature..

What Activities Can You Do in Jagat.io?

Do you know that there are a lot of things you can do on Jagat.io? What are they? Let’s check out how to enjoy Jagat.io!

1. Meet New Friends

As it’s been mentioned, Jagat.io aims to provide a platform to interact and socialize in a virtual world. Interestingly, you can meet users from all over Indonesia in available places in Jagat Nusantara.

2. Kill the Boredom 

Bored with the same daily routine? No worries, you can start exploring Jagat.io to kill your boredom. This social media platform isn’t only used for virtual interactions but also as a means of fun entertainment. 

One fun thing that you should know to enjoy in Jagat.io is a podcast. This feature is available in collaboration with Noice as the audio content platform. 

There are various kinds of podcast genres available on Jagat.io by Noice, from comedy, music, and audiobook, to even politics. 

Besides, users can also play some mini-games on Jagat.io to have fun with other users while exploring the platform. One of the mini-games available on Jagat.io is a puzzle.

It’s quite an easy game as you only need to solve 3 of the same images from a photo collection. Keep matching the pictures until there is no remaining deck of cards.

3. Practice Public Speaking

If you find it hard to socialize with others face-to-face, use Jagat.io as a platform to practice communication and public speaking. 

You can comfortably interact with other users in Jagat.io without being nervous. If it feels uncomfortable to show your face, just turn off the camera and use the audio to talk. 

So, don’t hesitate to try and start interacting virtually with other users in Jagat.io!

4. Build Creativity

Playing Jagat.io is also a good way to develop your creativity. How is that possible? 

Everything is possible in Jagat.io as it allows users to build their community in a virtual world with creativity and imagination. 

In addition, users use avatars as their visual representation. They can create the avatar as they wish, starting from facial features, and hairstyles, to clothes. 

Users can customize their avatar however they want it to be by shopping for clothes in the Clothing Store.

5. Media to Promote

With the growing number of users in Jagat.io, this platform could be a potential place to promote products or services. 

For example, you can conduct an art exhibition in Art Gallery located in Ibu Kota Nusantara to display your artworks.

6. Conduct Meeting

Another interesting activity to do in Jagat.io is conducting a meeting, be it an office meeting or a community gathering. You can still have a face-to-face meeting with others by activating the camera and microphone. 

To further enhance the immersive world as it is real, hold your community meeting in the Istana Negara – to make it look more formal.

That’s the review of what is Jagat.io. So, are you interested in knowing more about this immersive virtual world? 

Wait no longer and start your adventure in Jagat.io now! Download the application on your smartphone through App Store or Google Play Store.

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