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Want to Be Famous in Here Are the Tips to Follow

Technologies and the digital world are rapidly increasing where the condition is unavoidable for many people. These days, it’s even possible to have real-world experience in a virtual three-dimensional (3D) space called the metaverse.

Metaverse is an infinite virtual world built with immersive technologies. Users are more than just a username or profile picture but are presented in a 3D avatar that can be customized easily. In the metaverse, users can do activities like they do in the real world, such as working, shopping, playing, and socializing. can be your great place to explore more about the metaverse and be famous there. It’s a social networking and community platform where users can socialize virtually to build and grow their community. Only with a smartphone or computer and the internet, anyone can enter the metaverse platform. 

How to Become Famous in

While enjoying the metaverse, there are times when someone wants to stand out among others and become “famous” – and the trick may be much easier than you think. Find out how to be famous in as listed below. Make sure to follow the tips!

Embrace Persona Through Your Avatar

Avatar is a must and the iconic element of the metaverse. Users can create their avatar as a visual representation that can be designed as they want to customize their persona. 

There are various things to create a unique avatar from a variety of hairstyles, facial characteristics, clothes, and accessories – all of these are your own freedom to choose which one is best!

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An avatar is a perfect way to reflect the authentic self-persona. It does not always have to resemble the user’s real-life self, because it can be a representation of the user’s alter ego or an image of the desired self.

Authentic avatars that match the persona and energy the users emit in the virtual world are one way to make friends in the metaverse. In other words, this is a great time to reveal your desired look.

Showcase Talent in the Virtual World

We all might have a hidden talent that is hard to show off for one reason or another. Metaverse is the perfect platform to reveal that talent and hone the skills in front of a big crowd.

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In, users can perform live streamers and showcase their talents, such as singing, dancing, magic show, stand-up comedy, and even gymnastics skill. There is no limit when it comes to performing your creativity. As long as the live stream is on, connected to a mic and camera, the stage is yours.

In addition to showcasing your talents, don’t forget to channel your creative thoughts through unique space designs. In, users can create and design their own space, which is a virtual space that can be used for all sorts of private and public activities.

Design Your Space As Unique As Possible

Last but not least tips to become famous in is to make a cool space. This is also the perfect place to hone and showcase creativity. It can be designed and customized to users’ preferences. 

Use the Photo Frame feature and upload a photo of yourself or any digital artwork you want. Voila! You can make your own artwork gallery on

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In a nutshell, space is a place to express yourself without limitations. It can be an exciting place to hang out with your community, a stopover space, and even turn it into a stage or art gallery.

Additionally, the space can also be used as a venue for events with a more unique and fun concept. For example, users can hold a quiz show inspired by Family 100, a popular family quiz show in the 2000s, or host a competition. That way, many people will join the space – the owner of the space can start making friends with others and definitely become famous.

The list mentioned above is just common things you can do to help become famous on In fact, there are still other things to enjoy to get some highlights on this immersive metaverse technology, such as playing games together. It concludes that there are 1,000 ways to be famous in the metaverse.

So, what else to doubt? Get yourself ready to explore what activities are waiting for you in Download the app from App Store and Play Store now!

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