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Various Spaces in, A Great Way to Build Community

Space is one of the popular features on to build community and socialize in the virtual world. There are several types of spaces in that you can explore more while playing in this immersive platform. 

Using Spaces in, you can build your community, meet new friends, and do other interesting virtual activities on 

Are you curious about what to explore on spaces in Get the full details in the explanation below!

Types of Spaces in

Spaces in is a feature that allows users to explore the virtual world and interact with others freely. It looks like a room with each having different decorations and functions. 

That said, a user can decorate their personal space as uniquely as possible and as they wish. So, what types of spaces in can be used to express creativity? Let’s get the detail below!

1. Livestream Space

Livestream Space is the first type of space in with decoration like a studio. You can have fun entertainment in this space. 

Users mostly use this template to promote themselves and showcase their talents.

2. Game Streaming Space

One of the most popular spaces used in is Game Streaming Space – no wonder why this is popular among the youth.

The space provides a variety of equipment, specifically for game streaming, such as computers, tables, and other game equipment. 

So, if you are a gamer or enjoy gaming, this is a great space to re-stream e-sports tournaments with friends and have fun there!

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3. General Game Space

Compared to Game Streaming Space, this one comes with various designs and furniture, such as billiards, dining tables, game consoles, and many more.

General Game Space is perfect for you who want to build a community of game lovers. You can chill with your friends there while playing games and interact with both audio and video.

4. Karaoke Time

Looking for a comfy place to let out your singing talent? Try to have fun in Karaoke Time space on You can invite your friends to have a karaoke together. 

In this space, the room is equipped with a sofa, a stage with a microphone, and small tables to create the vibe as if it were a real karaoke room.

5. Chatting Room

The next type of space in that you should try is the Chatting Room. The space is designed with decorations like a home party. 

There are cute decorations around the room to enliven the situation, such as balloons on the wall, a dart game, tables, chairs, and a television. It’s definitely a great stopover to chat with your friends. 

6. Dating Now

Looking for a soulmate on an online platform? Well, you might want to consider by using the Dating Now space. The room is designed to bring a romantic and fun atmosphere.

The room is dominated by pink colors as you’d expect from a dating room. It also comes with tables and chairs for the couple to talk with each other.

So, the Dating Now space would be a great place to hold a blind date event in!

7. Small Talk

Small Talk is a space in with a simple decoration. There’s only a row of tables and chairs inside to have a leisure talk with other WarGat.

8. Meeting Space

Unlike other spaces in, Meeting Space has a more formal interior design. Yep, the formality is meant to match the function of the space which is to conduct a formal meeting.

There are a lot of chairs and tables like in an office. So, you can choose this template to build a space for business needs, such as workshops, meetings, and brainstorming. 

How to Use Spaces in

Now that you know the types of spaces in, you definitely want to know how to use them, right? There are two available options here.

First, you can either create your own personal space or join other’s spaces as displayed on Discover Page.

1. Create Your Own Space

Eager to design your own space? allows you to do it here by decorating your personal space. 

Create your space through Create Your Space menu. This menu is displayed with a plus (+) sign in the Playground, which is the first page that shows your avatar and your Upals (your friend on

The menu will display several options and you can select “Create Your Space” which is the first option.

After that, all you have to do is choose an available template for your space. Don’t worry, you can still decorate the space as you wish later.

Next, enter the space name, and cover image, and choose the space privacy. There are two options for privacy, which are:

  • Public space: your space will appear on Discover Page and anyone can freely join your space.
  • Private space: your space won’t be shown on Discover Page and everything will stay private. Only those with the space address can join. You can set up a private space for a business meeting.

2. Join by Space Address

Spaces in also allows users to join other personal spaces. For example, your friend has set up his personal space and wants to invite you in. So, how is the way?

It’s really easy to invite other users to come into other personal spaces. They only need the space address and click the “Join a Space” option on the Create Your Space menu. 

Enter the required information, from the Floor Level, Building Number, and Parcel of the space. You can ask the owner for this address.

3. Join Spaces on Discover Page

Not only join by address, but you can also explore other recommendations of spaces in on the Discover Page. This feature allows WarGat to meet new people through public space. 

Before entering the space, make sure to read the space description so that you know what the space is about.

You can always access the Discover Page while exploring in Zero Point Monument at Plaza Bhinneka. Some popular recommendations are Ruang Bersama by Prof. White, Education Home by NAGATO, and Lets Ocat by Ocat Lover.

Well, that’s some details about spaces in to further elevate your experience while exploring this immersive virtual world. 

Do you want to know more about how exciting it is to play Download JAGAT App on your smartphone via  App Store or Google Play Store!

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