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Introducing Popularity Ranking in to Get You Famous

If you want to get famous on social media, could be an appealing option to try. As a metaverse-based social media, comes with various features to get you popular, one of which is popularity ranking. So, what is the popularity ranking in

In brief, popularity ranking is users’ ranking based on the highest popularity score in The score will increase when someone gives a gift to you. 

Are you curious about what is popularity ranking in Read the article below!

What is Popularity Ranking in

If you’ve been playing for a while, you might have heard about popularity ranking in Yup, popularity ranking refers to the users’ ranking who get the highest popularity points.

To look at this information, go to the Account tab at the bottom corner. After that, click on the fire icon just below your username. Later, it will display the top 20 users with the highest popularity points.

Popularity Ranking in

The point in the popularity ranking is determined based on the last 7 days’ data of users with the highest points. In other words, the list can change at any time. 

You can keep or even increase your popularity by consistently playing That way, there might be a higher chance to receive a gift from others.

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How to Increase Popularity Ranking in

As mentioned before, popularity ranking heavily ties to the number of gifts you received from others. Sometimes, WarGat would randomly share a gift, especially to those with some uniqueness.

So, how to increase the popularity ranking in No need to worry, below are some tips you can do to gain some popularity ranking.

1. Showcase Talents on the Street Show

Street Show is a small stage equipped with a microphone. You can find this stage at some places in, such as Plaza Bhinneka, Simpang Bunder, and Utown.

It’s mostly located at the center so you can spot the stage easily. Street Show is popular as a place to showcase talents, such as singing or stand-up comedy.

If you have a unique and interesting performance, people would start gathering around the stage. That is the time that you might get a gift from the audience. 

Doing this trick would help you a lot to increase your popularity ranking in So, don’t  hesitate to perform your talents on the Street Show.

2. Create an Appealing Public Space

A feature that will be useful to attract attention is public space. As a virtual room, you can show off your creativity in this personal space by designing the room as you wish.

Interestingly, public spaces will be shown in the Discover Page menu which other users would see them as well.

As such, anyone can join a public space freely as long as it interests them to meet new people or just hang out together.

Designing an appealing public space with an interesting event would be a great way to gain popularity. 

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3. Use Live Streaming Feature

Live streaming is an additional feature in that allows users to gain popularity significantly. This becomes great media, especially for an influencer to attract people.

There are various things to do and show in live streaming, such as online game streaming, karaoke, and product review. 

4. Be Unique with Cool Avatar

Looking for ideas to increase popularity ranking while also attracting people’s attention? You need to design your avatar as unique and cool as possible.

Avatar is a character that is the users’ visual representation while exploring the metaverse world in You can design them as you wish and make them stand out more than others.

Rather than just using the available clothes, try to buy additional outfits and accessories at the Clothing Store to elevate your appearance.

However, always make sure that you have enough Acoin or Diamonds before making a purchase.

5. Don’t Hesitate to Start a Conversation

Another important tip to increase popularity ranking is to start a conversation and interact with other users. You can join the crowd while exploring the platform. 

Some popular places to visit in are Plaze Bhinneka and Simpang Bunder. In that place, you can try to have a conversation with strangers. It’s worth a try.

Well, that’s it about popularity ranking in that can be an indicator of your popularity on a social media platform

This feature also allows users to grow their connections and networking online as well as practice their skills to be an influencer. Sounds interesting, right?

So, if you want to gain some popularity on this platform, download the app on App Store and Google Play Store now!

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