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How to Decorate Your Space on in 6 Simple Steps provides some space templates for the users to choose from. However, the user can still decorate their spaces as they wish. So, how to decorate space on

As a metaverse-based social media, presents various unique features to enjoy and places to visit, one of which is a space. 

As a private room, a user can decorate their own space as they like with some decorations and furniture. You can do the space decoration easily.

Only with a single click on the Decorate menu, you can find a list of options for furniture and other decorations to enhance your space. 

Let’s find out what else can you do to decorate the space on

Why Should You Decorate Your Space?

Salah satu alasan kenapa perlu mendekorasi personal space adalah supaya kamu merasa lebih nyaman selama bermain di

Kamu dapat menciptakan suasana space layaknya di dunia nyata yang akan menambah pengalaman menarik selama menjelajahi dunia virtual dalam

Selain itu, tampilan personal space yang cantik juga bisa menjadi daya tarik bagi WarGat lain untuk berkunjung. Dengan begitu, kamu dapat berinteraksi virtual dan menemukan banyak teman baru di

Bahkan, kamu dapat mengasah kreativitas serta menunjukkan minat dan bakat yang terpendam dengan mendekorasi tampilan personal space ini, lho!

Jadi, jangan ragu untuk mengekspresikan dirimu dengan mendekorasi tampilan personal space di sebebas mungkin, ya!

How to Decorate Space on

How to decorate space in is fairly easy. You can buy some furniture using Acoins or rearrange the existing items in the space. 

For that, you can try the following steps on how to decorate space on

1. Enter Your Personal Space

If you’ve made your own space, you can enter the space to start the decorations. Simply click on the Playground with the icon of your personal space cover image on it.

2. Open the Menu and Clik the Decorate Button

Arrange the Space in

The next step in how to decorate space is opening the menu tab at the bottom of the screen. Swipe up the screen to open the menu.

Click on the Decorate button to start decorating your space. In this menu tab, you can also access other functions, such as Live to start a live streaming, Emoji to show reactions, Gift to give to other users, Bag, and others.

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3. Arrange the Space As You Wish

Arrange the Space in

The provided space templates already have some furniture in it but you can still rearrange the layout based on your preference. 

Click on the furniture that you want to move. That way, you can rotate, move, and even put them back in storage.

4. Buy Furniture

Not only that you can redecorate the space layout but also add some new furniture in your space. You can buy them at the store.

Click on the store icon located in the upper right corner. You can find many furniture in this store to further enhance your room, such as picture frames, chairs, sofas, cat decorations for mini-games, and others.

Interestingly, you can upload your own picture to be exhibited in your space using the picture frame. As such, you can even create your art gallery on Interesting, right?

In order to buy furniture, you need to have enough Acoin that can be collected freely in, such as playing Ocat, exploring the virtual cities, playing Drifting Bottle, joining voting, and completing a daily quest.

As for an instant way, enables users to buy some coins. In doing so, you need to buy Diamond on the App Store or Google Play Store to be exchanged for Acoin.

5. Save and Change Your Space Template

The good news about decorating your space is that you can save the new design of your personal space to your account. 

That way, you don’t need to worry about losing the interior design you’ve worked on. To save the design, click on the disk icon at the top right corner of the screen.

This feature also enables you to change the space design from other templates that you’ve made before. 

Regardless, you can choose the default template by, such as General Game Space, Karaoke Time, Chatting Room, Dating Now, Small Talk, Livestream Space, Meeting Space, dan Game Streaming Space.

That’s some tips on how to decorate space on to enhance the design of your personal space. 

Decorating a space can also be a way to hone your creativity in making an interesting interior design. 

So, what do you say? Interested to decorate your space as freely as possible in Download JAGAT for your smartphone on App Store and Google Play Store now!

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