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2 Ways to Change Location in + Popular Places presented several interesting virtual places to visit while exploring the app. But, how to change the location in Can we move to other cities?

Well, definitely yes! You can move from one place to another by accessing the provided maps in You can access the map by clicking on the globe icon at the Playground.

Read the following article to find out detailed information on how to change locations in

How to Change Location in

If you are still new to this app, changing locations in might still be confusing. Therefore, read the following explanation to know how to move between locations easily.

1. Use the Map of Ibu Kota Nusantara

the Map of Ibu Kota Nusantara in

The first way how to change locations in is by using the map of Ibu Kota Nusantara. You can go to the globe icon located at the Playground to access this map. 

Later, you will see some places on the map, such as Plaza Bhinneka, Istana Negara, Simpang Bunder, Personalia or Art Gallery, Noice Space, Indonesian Basketball League, and many more.

To enter those places, just click on the place you want to go and click the Jump In button. After that, you can start exploring the place.

2. Accessing the Map at Plaza Bhinneka

Changing locations in can also be done by accessing the map at Plaza Bhinneka. If you are currently exploring this place, you can move to others by clicking the map on the left side of the Account tab.

Accessing the Map at Plaza Bhinneka in

Once the map is displayed, you just need to click on the place that you want to visit. Easy, right?

Favorite Places that You Should Visit in

Now that you know how to change locations in, do you know the popular places on this platform? If not, below are some hot places that many WarGat visits. 

Some of them are Plaza Bhinneka, Simpang Bunder, Playland, Istana Negara, and Utown. Check the detail below!

1. Plaza Bhinneka

Plaza Bhinneka is a place located on the Ibu Kota Nusantara island. It becomes one of the most popular places to visit by users.

Therefore, the first place that you will visit as a new user would most likely is Plaza Bhinneka. In this place, you have many virtual activities to do.

The reason is that there are several spots in Plaza Bhinneka, such as Art Gallery, Clothing Store, City Hall, Street Show, and Sociolla Store.

Additionally, Plaza Bhinneka is also an entry point to other places, such as Simpang Bunder, Istana Negara, and Noice Space.

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2. Simpang Bunder

The next popular place after Plaza Bhinneka is Simpang Bunder. If we relate this place to the real world, Simpang Bunder looks like a central park. 

Here, you can find some interesting places, such as a Street Show, a coffee shop, and kind of a beach to play the Drifting Bottle.

3. Playland

Looking for ideas to do when you feel bored? Why not try playing some games on Playland? 

playland in

Playland is a place in that offers various fun games to play, such as Ocat, Shooting Machine, Soccer Tablet, and Billiard.

Other than playing games, this is also a great place to meet new friends and have virtual interaction with them.

4. Istana Negara

If you use as a virtual meeting platform, visiting Istana Negara would be a great choice for you. Yap, the place is designed like an office room with formal decorations. 

Istana Negara is also equipped with some tables and chairs to have a virtual meeting and gather with your team. As such, you can have a workshop or business meeting virtually here.

5. Utown

The next popular place that you should visit in is Utown which is located on a different island than other places.

utown in

When your screen shows the island of Ibu Kota Nusantara, you can visit Utown island by clicking the back button in the upper left corner. 

There are various places to enjoy in Utown, such as a Street Show,  a pool to play Drifting Bottle,  Clothing Store, Cinema, Train Station, and a Games Building.

Each building represents a function that is the same as in the real world. For example, you can watch a movie together in a cinema.

However, the cinema, train station, and games building are still in progress for further development. So, bear the wait to enjoy a more exciting feature.

6. Public Space

public space in

Other than the places mentioned above, you can also join public spaces to meet other users and gather with them. would recommend some public spaces through the Discover Page or by clicking the Zero Point Monument at Plaza Bhinneka. 

Knowing how to change locations in is definitely important to enjoy exploring the virtual world to the fullest. To further enhance the fun, invite your friend to explore together.

Download the app for your smartphone on App Store or Google Play Store now! Have fun!

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