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Grow Your Network, 5 Tips to Add Friends on appears as a popular place to meet new friends in online as it gives a unique and interesting virtual experience. You can even add other users as your friend to keep in touch with them. So, how exactly to add new friends on

There are several ways to add other users to your friend list. Find out the full ways by reading through this article.

How to Add New Friends on

Exploring as a metaverse-based social media is indeed an interesting and unique experience. The app can help you get rid of boredom by playing some mini-games, practicing your public speaking skill, and finding new friends online.

In doing so, you definitely want to stay in contact with a person you met on, right? As such, you can add them as your Upal (term to call your friend on

But, as a newbie, sometimes it’s quite confusing how to add new friends on No need to worry as we’ll break down each way to liven up your friend list.

1. Click on the Avatar Profile

The first thing you can do to add new friends on is to directly click on their avatar profile. 

It will show detailed information about the users, such as username, ucode (Upal code), status, and description. In that display, you will also see four buttons used to interact with the user virtually.

2. Click “Add Upal”

From the four buttons shown in the profile box, one of which is used to add the user as your friend. 

Just click on the “Add Upal” button on the left side. After that, the friend request message will be sent to them.

3. Click the “Follow” Button to Stay Close while Exploring

An interesting feature on is that you can keep following someone by clicking on the “Follow” button. It will automatically make your avatar follows a user without controlling the movement.

You can find the button in the profile box with a footprint icon. Click on that button and it will follow the user.

4. Send Messages through In-App Message

After sending a friend request and the person accepted your request, you can send direct messages using the In-App Message feature.

It works like a common media social platform with messaging feature. Using the In-App Message, you can share stories and keep in touch with them – it works well for text or images.

Where to access this feature? In the same profile box, you can click on a button with a bubble chat icon to open the feature.

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5. Other Ways to Add Friends on

Apart from following the method above, you can also use the Upal code to add new friends on It works quite easily as you just need to follow these steps:

  • Ask for a Ucode from your friend
  • Click on the Chat menu on the bottom bar and beside your profile
  • Move on Contacts
  • You will see Add Upal button and click on it.
  • Add the Upal code that your friend has given to you
  • Then, you’re all set and be connected with your friend

Tips to Find New Friends on

There are several tips on how to find new friends in What are they? Let’s find out below!

1. Join a Club

If you look for friends with similar interests as you, joining a club on is a perfect choice. A club is a feature used to create, build, and grow an online community.

Thanks to the Social Map feature, you can find communities based on your location by using the Nearby Club feature. Some popular clubs you can find are the Music Club, Animal Club, Book Enthusiast, and many more.

2. Hang Out at Plaza Bhinneka

Plaza Bhinneka is one of the popular places in Many users start their journey and hang out in this place. As such, you can take a walk, explore this place, and meet new people. 

Truth be told, everyone welcomes any people who want to join the crowd. So, you can just casually join a conversation.

3. Join a Public Space

Public space is a room used by WarGat to have a chat or discussion with other users. They can even conduct an online event in this space.

This feature allows the user to meet new people easier. As the name implies, public space is open to everyone and you can explore a lot of public spaces on the Discover Page or click on Zero Point Monument in Plaza Bhinneka.

4. Live Streaming also provides a lot of interesting features to enjoy, one of which is Live Streaming to further enhance virtual interaction.

Live Streaming enables users to perform or show some talents, such as karaoke, product review, and game streaming. 

Doing this way, it will also help a user to showcase and even promote their talents. So, you might find someone with the same preference as you.

5. Find a Friend through Social Map

Last but the highlight of all, currently released a new feature called Social Map that allows a user finds friends based on their location.

Additionally, it shows the user’s location in real-time which means that it works well to track someone’s position in the real world. That makes this feature a unique way to add new friends.

Well, those are several ways to add new friends on It’s easy, right? So, what are you waiting for? Download the app on App Store or Google Play Store now and invite your friends to have fun together on the app!

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