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The Difference between Diamond and Acoin in

As a metaverse-based social media, has a specific currency as a medium of exchange called Diamonds and Acoin. But, do you know what is the difference between Diamond and Acoin as the currency in

One of the differences between Diamonds and Acoin in is how to earn them. Diamonds can only be obtained by top-up. Meanwhile, you can get Acoin for free by exploring the virtual world of

Let’s find out in detail what is the difference between a Diamond and Acoin.

What is a Diamond and Acoin

Before talking about the difference between Diamonds and Acoin, you need to know what they are first. 

Diamonds would be a perfect form of currency on the platform while Acoin is a gold coin. In, a Diamond can be considered more valuable than Acoin as you can buy an amount of Acoin using a Diamond. 

In addition, you need to top-up your App Store or Google Play account to buy Diamonds. That further makes Diamonds look more exclusive than Acoin.

The Difference between a Diamond and Acoin in

You can see the difference between a Diamond and Acoin in through 3 things, namely how to collect, usability, and price. Below is the explanation:

1. Usability

Generally, both Diamonds and Acoin are used as a medium of exchange in, either to buy clothes, buy furniture, buy gifts, and others. 

However, certain items are only available for purchase using either Diamonds or Acoins only. What are they?

What Can You Buy with Diamonds

The main function of Diamonds is buying Acoin or Funcoin. Acoin can be used to space furniture or clothes to complete your wardrobe. 

Meanwhile, Funcoin is a kind of money used to play some mini-game at Playland. 

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What Can You Buy with Acoin

If you want to enhance your avatar look, buying clothes at the Clothing Store is the best solution. For that, you need to have enough Acoin. 

Other than clothes, Acoin is also applicable to buying space furniture. As such, as long as you have enough Acoin, you can freely decorate your personal space as you wish.

2. How to Collect

The next difference between a Diamond and Acoin lies in how to collect them. Let’s find out the answer through the explanation below:

How to Get Diamonds

As explained above, a Diamond is an exclusive currency that is worth more than Acoin. For that, there is a different way to get Diamonds. 

You need to make a top-up to buy some Diamonds. If your account is connected to App Store or Google Play Store, you can use Shopeepay, DANA, DOKU, Gopay, debit or credit card, or bank account, or buy them through specific merchants. 

How to Get Acoin

Unlike the Diamonds, collecting Acoin is easier as you can even get them for free! There are some places where you can find Acoin while exploring 

Also, you can collect Acoin by playing some mini-games or completing quests every day. Easy, right?

3. Price

The last aspect that differentiates Diamonds and Acoin lies in their price. Although you can get Acoin for free, there is still a chance to buy them using Diamonds. 

Each price of Diamonds and Acoin can be seen on the list below!

The Price of Diamonds

If you have enough balance on your App Store or Google Play account, you can buy Diamonds with a package that matches your needs. Below is the price list:

  • 30 Diamond: $1.05 USD
  • 150 Diamond: $5.17 USD
  • 300 Diamond: $10.41 USD
  • 900 Diamond: $31.35 USD
  • 1.500 Diamond: $52.3 USD
  • 3.000 Diamond: $104.66 USD

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The Price of Acoin

Do you want to buy Acoin using Diamonds? Below is the guide for the Acoin price list:

  • 100 Acoin: 30 Diamond (one purchase per day)
  • 1.000 Acoin: 300 Diamond (one purchase per day)
  • 1.500 Acoin: 450 Diamond (two purchases per day)
  • 2.500 Acoin: 750 Diamond (two purchases per day)
  • 5.000 Acoin: 1.500 Diamond (two purchases per day)

That is the explanation about the difference between Diamonds and Acoin in that you need to know. They work as a medium of exchange to enhance your virtual experience.

Regardless, not having Diamonds or Acoin wouldn’t hinder you to explore the virtual world in You can still enjoy the app and have fun with others.

So, what else to doubt? Download the app for your smartphone on App Store and Google Play Store now! Have fun!

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